High-speed Apex Legends mod features CS:GO surfing

Gotta go fast!

Image via Prime Gaming

Ever wanted to go really, really fast in Apex Legends? With a modded client and a new map, now you can.

As shared by Skeptation on Reddit, a new mod allows enterprising players to recreate CS:GO surfing in Apex.

The mod works on the R5Reloaded client, which allows players to create custom mods and maps that are separate from the live game. Skeptation created a modded version of World’s Edge that features a variety of diagonal walls just off the ground and adjusted physics, which enable Octane to tear across the map at ridiculous speeds. Both CS:GO and Apex are based on the Source engine, which enables similar movement tactics and adjustments in both games.

CS:GO surfing is a popular pastime in Valve’s classic FPS. Players have been creating maps and aiming for the best times for a long time, but only now is the activity coming to Apex.

In the comments on the video, fans compared it not only to CS:GO, but to the more obvious Titanfall, which allowed a wider variety of movement. It’s unlikely the developers will ever add something like this to the base game, but it’s a great example of what the modding community can do—not to mention how much fun it is to turn World’s Edge into a parkour paradise.