Here’s the full list of notes and updates for Apex’s Chaos Theory patch

Respawn is nerfing Caustic just in time for his Town Takeover.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment dropped a new event page for Apex Legends‘ upcoming Chaos Theory Collection event, which is centered around Caustic.

The event begins on March 9 and will introduce a new Town Takeover at Water Treatment, a slew of new skins for fans to unlock, and a new mode. The update will also introduce a new patch to slightly change up the meta.

Although the event celebrates Caustic and all of his gassy glory, the balance update is taking a different approach. The Toxic Trapper will receive a couple of nerfs in this patch cycle, including an increased ultimate cooldown. The damage dealt by his Nox Gas will also be changed to a flat rate instead of an increasing damage-over-time effect.

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Pathfinder, Rampart, Revenant, and Wattson are all receiving slight buffs, while Gibraltar and Horizon are taking slight hits. Respawn is also adding in a number of quality-of-life changes, including an assist counter in unranked matches and a way for players to ping their deathboxes while respawning on the dropship.

Here’s the full list of changes coming to Apex with the Chaos Theory event patch.


Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment


  • Nox Gas Grenade (ultimate) cooldown increased from 2.5 to 3.5 minutes
  • Nox Gas now deals damage at a flat rate of five HP per tick instead of increasing from six to 12 HP.


  • Removed the 15 percent increase heal item usage while in Dome of Protection.


  • Increased Black Hole (ultimate) cooldown from two to three minutes.


  • No longer has the Low Profile passive. Low Profile makes legends more difficult to hit, but increases damage by five percent.


  • Revenant’s silence now disables Mirage’s cloaked revive and respawn, as well as Octane’s Swift Mend.


  • Explosives damage Amped Cover normally, instead of dealing 200 damage.
  • Explosives damage Shiela normally, instead of dealing 175 damage.


  • Wattson now has a passive shield regeneration at 0.5 HP per second.


Image via Respawn Entertainment

Weapon Optics

  • All gold AR and LMG default optics updated to 2x Bruiser.


  • Pellet damage decreased from 13 to 11. Fire rate increased from 1.0 to 1.1.


  • Added an extra bullet to every magazine size, including base.


  • Increased hip-fire spread.

Quality-of-life changes

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment
  • Kings Canyon loot – Respawn has ensured the quality of loot in Kings Canyon remains up to par after the Mirage Voyage has flown away.
    • The map’s wooden shacks should have a few more pieces each, and their overall loot quality will be a little higher. 
    • Spotted Lake reduced to “Medium Quality” from “High.”
    • Crash Site’s loot has been redistributed slightly. The overall amount will remain the same, but the higher quality loot will be in the ship.
    • Caustic Treatment has more loot than Water Treatment, and it remains “High Quality.”
  • Locked weapon optic swapping – Guns with fully locked attachment slots, like fully-kitted gold weapons and crate weapons, players can now replace the optic with a different sight. This does not apply to the Kraber.
  • Assists – Assists have been added to the in-game HUD next to kills in nonranked matches, where the spectator “eye” icon used to be. Assists still don’t contribute to XP.
    • Assists and knockdowns will appear in squad’s banners at the end of a match.
  • Clubs – Club names now appear on Match Summary and Champion screen if all players are part of the same club. 
  • Replicators and items – Items will no longer “stick” to Crafting Replicator when dropped on the Replicator.
  • Badge Progress – Badges that have longer amounts of progress, hovering over the badge will show you more information. For example, if you’re trying to get 50 wins as Lifeline, you’ll now see that you have 45 instead of somewhere between 15 and 50.
  • Ping deathbox – While respawning on a dropship, players can now ping their deathboxes. 
  • Gold backpack – Players revived by a gold backpack will have a crackle of energy based on the tier of armor they wear while being revived. They will also display the armor heal FX when the revive is finished. This change should help players prioritize pushing a revive in progress.
  • PC players can return to the title screen from the lobby to switch data centers without restarting the game.
  • Added numbers to the Advanced Look Controls.
  • When scanning a beacon for Ring Six, players should now be able to see the location where Ring Six finishes.
  • Inspect weapon – Since the Survival Slot took its button on controller, Inspect Weapon has been moved to the emote wheel by default. It can be bound to any key on PC.