Gibraltar’s gun shield protects him from grenade damage in Apex Legends

Aiming down sights has never felt so good.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players may want to think twice before chucking grenades at an enemy Gibraltar.

One Apex player posted a video on Reddit yesterday that shows the battle royale’s big man sustaining no grenade damage when his gun shield is active. As simple as this discovery may seem, it can prove useful when being grenade spammed in an enclosed building or final circle.

“Gibby [aim down sights] shield protects him completely from taking any damage by frags and arc stars,” the player said.

The player showcased the gun shield’s defensive prowess by throwing a grenade on the floor and aiming down sights. Gibraltar didn’t take any damage and his gun shield remained unscathed.

It’s unclear whether this is an intentional feature to boost Gibby’s defensive ability or if it’s a bug that slipped through the cracks. But the community is divided over the issue.

Some players believe that Gibraltar deserves a nerf because the defensive improvements introduced with the season three patch have made him impossible to one-vs-one. Other players think he’s in a healthy spot, however, since he’s no more overpowered than legends like Wraith or Pathfinder.

In the event that this feature adversely affects competitive play, it’ll likely be fixed in a future patch.