Fuse player lands incredible Knuckle Cluster snipes in Apex Legends

Those squads will never know what hit them.

Apex Legends' Fuse with an explosion in the background.
Image via Respawn Entertainment

While Fuse might seem like more of an up-close-and-personal fighter in Apex Legends, one player proved that his Knuckle Cluster grenades are just as good for sniping as they are for close combat.

User drywallsmasher posed a video of some of their most impressive long-range Knuckle Clusters, and it’s a truly amazing compilation. In the first clip, they zoom in dramatically on a faraway enemy who’s almost impossible to see on World’s Edge. After carefully taking aim, they land a perfect shot, dealing grenade damage to the entire enemy squad.

The other clips in the compilation all follow a similar path. When drywallsmasher hits some incredible shots from extreme long distances, they prove that although Fuse might not be the most popular character right now, he’s still more than usable and able to inflict some major pain. Commenters lamented that the Knuckle Cluster ability doesn’t have a zoom feature like Fuse’s ultimate, The Motherlode, does, but if it did, players like drywallsmasher would have no problem tearing through the rest of us on their way to victory.

Fuse did not receive any changes going into season 11 of Apex and he’s not one of the better legends on the new map, so it might seem like he’s at a disadvantage. But drywallsmasher proves that everyone’s favorite grenadier is still great for taking down long-range enemies in wide-open spaces like Storm Point’s POIs.

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