Fuse guide: How to play Fuse in Apex Legends

Here's how to master the Explosives Enthusiast.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Fuse and his explosive kit brought a hefty dose of chaos to Apex Legends. The Master of Mayhem fought his way to the top of the fighting pits in the planet Salvo and joined the ultimate challenge: the Apex Games. And he’s bringing in a lot of firepower to become the champion.

Fuse's kit is damage-heavy and focused on causing a ruckus. Mastering the explosives enthusiast can be a tricky task, but his skillset offers plenty of opportunities to bring the aggression to your opponents' doorsteps—and even keep them right where you want them. Here's what you need to know to play Fuse.

Fuse's abilities and how to use them

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Fuse's skillset is explosive and aggressive, with considerable potential for area denial and direct damage to his enemies—especially when used in conjunction with his other abilities.

Fuse's passive, Grenadier, lets him throw grenades “farther, faster, and more accurately,” according to his official page, with a little help from his mechanical arm. The ability also lets him stack two grenades per inventory slot and get more bang for your buck.

Grenadier allows Fuse to bombard his opponents with a barrage of assorted ordnances. The increased speed makes it easier to stick targets with Arc Stars, while the increased range and accuracy ensure the explosives land exactly where they should—even from hundreds of meters away. Add to that the capacity to carry more grenades and Fuse can be a one-man artillery battery. Just keep in mind that his different animation has a very short delay before you can actually throw the explosive.

Fuse's tactical is the Knuckle Cluster, a cluster bomb that generates a series of sequential explosions in an area-of-effect. Like Arc Stars, players can stick the Knuckle Cluster to a target for a guaranteed blast and an extra 10 damage when the shot connects.

The Knuckle Cluster is versatile: you can use it as a quick way to deal some damage to a target or as a small area denial device. Toss it into a door and blow it up for free (with a little kick to anyone near it), throw it on a hallway and watch the enemies debate whether to go through it, or even pre-fire it into a choke so that your enemies stumble into a series of explosions.

It can serve as a situational counter to Bangalore's smoke; it's not uncommon for Bangalore players to use the visual clutter from the smoke to heal or revive a teammate, so throwing in a Knuckle Cluster could help apply pressure, even if you don't see them.

For his ultimate, Fuse whips out the big guns—and by that we mean the mortar strapped to his back. The Motherlode creates a ring of fire around an area and anyone who walks through it gets hit with a significant chunk of damage and a slow effect.

The Motherlode is fairly intuitive to use. The HUD displays a trajectory for the mortar shell that will split into a series of firebombs. Using it in the open creates a ring of fire that engulfs an area, but using it indoors just rains hell on everything inside—including Fuse, who takes self-damage from it.

The ultimate is a strong area denial tool. It forces enemies to choose between standing in one place or passing through the fire. When used indoors, it can create a fiery mess that catches everyone inside its area. It can serve to hold off a push or to ambush an enemy squad, but players must account for its animations before trying to use it against moving targets.

One of the Motherlode's main utilities is keeping enemies confined in one place and making them easy targets for the rest of Fuse's kit. Idle enemies are susceptible to a barrage of frags, Arc Stars, or Fuse's Knuckle Cluster. If they run, too, players can shoot the tactical straight into their path to get some easy damage ticks on the opponents.

Since Fuse's kit revolves around damage, any character who can mitigate it—either by blocking it or escaping it—can give him a run for his money. On the other hand, a team that complements those strengths can be a powerful force in the arena.


Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Fuse's kit specializes in dealing damage in an area of effect, and his ultimate has the added bonus of keeping its targets pinned down in a small perimeter. Legends with a strong capacity to deal area damage can help Fuse bring Mayhem to the enemy squads.

Caustic's ultimate throws a deadly gas grenade that deals significant damage to targets in its range, and it's a natural combination with the Motherlode. Players can toss the poisonous cloud directly at enemies while they're trapped inside to apply more pressure and force them into moving, or throw the ordnance after the opponents have left the ring of fire to inflict a second round of damage. Gas traps, too, can be used to ambush an enemy squad if escaping the Motherlode forces them to pass through a tight hallway or a choke.

Gibraltar and Bangalore are also good choices. Their ultimates call down an airstrike that can take out enemies inside the Motherlode's area of effect. Bangalore's smoke can also disrupt the enemy team's vision—but, as with any smoke, it's a double-edged sword.

Rampart, too, can be potentially deadly alongside the explosives enthusiast. She can set down Amped Walls to improve the team's damage output and place her minigun Sheila to rain lead on enemies trapped inside the ring of fire.

Lastly, Revenant and Horizon can synergize well with Fuse, but not for their role as damage dealers. They provide valuable utility in keeping targets within the Motherlode or punishing them for getting out.

Revenant's Silence can disable invaluable enemy abilities, such as escapes or dome shields. Its small radius and two charges give the simulacrum more than enough power to hit enemies trapped inside the Motherlode and make sure they don't go anywhere.

Horizon's Black Hole serves a similar purpose: it will physically restrain any targets caught in it and make them susceptible to a flurry of grenades or abilities, such as Caustic's gas. Bold players can also throw the Black Hole at the edge of the Motherlode to pull nearby enemies into the fire.


Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

The entirety of Fuse's kit revolves around explosive ordnances, and that makes Wattson his biggest counter. Her Pylons can disrupt all of Fuse's abilities. It will negate both grenades and the projectile from the Knuckle Cluster, and even protect a team from a part of the Motherlode's firebombs.

Gibraltar could be useful in soaking up damage, but the Motherlode outlasts the Dome Shield. It's not a hard counter, but Fuse players should also be wary of any enemy Gibraltars in their path.

There are two main ways to counter Fuse's abilities: negating their damage or escaping their area of effect. Both Wattson and Gibraltar are an example of the first, but there's a handful of legends that can safely take a team away from danger—and destroy a calculated play from Fuse.

Wraith can portal a squad to safety, although she'll probably have to burn a cooldown of her tactical to safely escape the ring of fire. Octane's jump pad, too, provides another way to get out of the blast radius, especially after the latest changes to its arc. Pathfinder's zipline may be able to safely take a team out of the ring of fire, but it's not a harmless escape. Legends will be easy targets while holding onto the zipline. Horizon's gravity lift lets a team hop over the flames, but like Pathfinder, they could also be easy targets.

Fuse counters Rampart just as hard as Wattson counters him. Rampart's kit revolves around fortifying a position, and Fuse's all about smoking them out. His passive allows for a salvo of grenades to take out Rampart's Amped Walls, even at long range. His Knuckle Cluster can deal enough damage to destroy a wall while it's being set-up. And the Motherlode can hit stationary enemies inside the perimeter of the Amped Cover or even using Sheila.