Fan artist creates impressive Dr Disrespect x Apex Legends skin concept

You'll never believe which legend it's for.

Dr Disrespect in front of Midnight Society stand by screen.
Images via Dr Disrespect/Midnight Society

One Apex Legends fan artist has gone the extra mile and designed a Dr Disrespect-themed skin for Fuse.

Artist Gage Cottle designed and illustrated the skin, and it’s just as impressive as it is horrifying. Titled “Alleyway Assassin,” the skin includes plenty of references to the Doc’s most famous characteristics. Cottle makes sure to point out the skin’s “bullet proof mullet” and “cybernetically augmented veins,” the latter of which calls to mind Fuse’s real Cybernetic Payload skin. The illustration also includes close-ups of the chains and cords used to hang skulls from Fuse’s belt, his belt buckle, and his mechanical arm’s grenade launcher. Everything is red, black, and unmistakably goofy. All told, it’s extremely detailed and fits Fuse well.

The skin prompted many commenters to consider whether they’d want streamer or pop culture-themed skins in Apex. The common consensus seems to be that most players don’t like them and would rather see original concepts and skins that fit the character more. “To each their own, but I’d rather not have skins based on video game streamers in my games,” said one upvoted comment. “Does he even play [Apex]?” asked another.

Even if Dr Disrespect isn’t an Apex fan, it’s undeniable that the skin is perfect for Fuse. “Fuse doesn’t deserve this kind of disrespect,” said one Reddit user in an accidental pun.

If you’re interested in seeing more of Gage Cottle’s art, check out his Instagram for a progress video of the skin’s creation.