Everything you need to know about Apex’s leviathans

These massive beasts take "pubstomping" to the next level.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Leviathans have been a part of Apex Legends since the battle royale was released in February, but the game’s massive beasts didn’t begin having an impact on the game until season two kicked off earlier this month. Since then, fans have started to discover new ways to interact with the alien creatures.

With the start of season two, the game’s two leviathans moved onto Kings Canyon from their original position in the water surrounding the island. The beasts linger around the center of the map and seemingly don’t move around much. But after closer inspection, players will notice that the leviathans occasionally stomp around, lifting their feet up before loudly bringing them back down to the ground.

The beasts don’t pick their feet up often, but those who are lucky enough to witness the leviathans moving about will notice that they leave loot in the craters where their feet were. In the time that the leviathans’ feet are off the ground, which is approximately six seconds, players will be able to slide in and snag any items they can. If a player happens to be under a leviathan’s foot when it comes crashing back to the ground, they’ll need to ask their teammates for a respawn. Leviathans will kill any player who lingers beneath their feet.

Given this risk, the loot isn’t always worth the wait. One Reddit user shared their experience finding only a Phoenix Kit after checking underneath a leviathan’s foot. Although Phoenix Kits can be pretty useful in the later stages of a game, they can be found in other areas of the map—areas that won’t kill you if you need extra time to loot. Other players, however, have found level three armor in the crater that a leviathan left behind.

But loot isn’t the only thing that leviathans are good for. Those who time it right can use the beasts’ stomping for a good purpose. Another Reddit user used one the creature’s legs for a quick getaway. As Pathfinder, the player grappled onto the beasts’ leg right when it lifted off the ground, allowing him to reach a higher advantage point over an enemy squad.

Unlike flyers who respond to being shot at, leviathans can’t be provoked into moving. Perhaps it’s because of their massive size, but those who want to take a chance on looting underneath one of the beasts will have to wait near one of its feet and get lucky. The leviathans typically let out a roar before moving their feet, so players have at least some indication of when the beasts are preparing to move.

Season two won’t end until sometime in October, according to the three-month season schedule released earlier in the year. With over two full months left in the season, it’s possible that the battle royale may get a second mini-event where the leviathans play a larger role than they do now.