Control mode returns to Apex in Warriors collection event

Control is back for now, along with some very good-looking skins.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

The popular Control mode is returning to Apex Legends for the Warriors collection event, which starts on March 29, Respawn Entertainment announced today. The event will also feature a new Arenas map and the possibility for players to unlock Crypto’s heirloom.

The nine-vs-nine Control mode will remain a limited-time-only mode for now, but the public reaction to it has been strongly positive and it may only be a matter of time before the mode either returns to the game after the event or becomes a permanent feature of Apex. In Control matches, players respawn on a set timer and fight to take three different locations on the map. The mode was available during the first three weeks of season 12 but has since left the game. It was widely loved for its more casual feeling and low-stakes gameplay.

Screenshot via Respawn Entertainment

The upcoming Warriors event skins almost all share a gladiatorial theme. Legends wear spiked helmets, leather harnesses, fur, and other little details that give their outfits a techno-Roman vibe. The trailer features several new skins, as well as a good look at Crypto’s Heirloom, which is a foldable hi-tech Jikdo sword that features Crypto’s signature green and white color scheme. Fuse, Ash, Octane, Rampart, and possibly more legends all look like they’ll be getting event-exclusive skins.

The new Arenas map is called Drop Off, and while the video announcing the collection event is light on details, it appears to be set in a Hammond Robotics facility.