Check out this new Apex stat tracker concept

A way to make those seasonal trackers feel good to unlock again.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Cosmetics in Apex Legends haven’t quite hit critical mass as of yet, but there is certainly plenty of bloat there. Every season, players are awarded a large number of gun charms, quips, badges, and trackers—many of which are never used. 

The trackers feel like the worst offender here. Every season the free battle pass track gifts player with season-specific trackers for each character. The trackers themselves are ok, but most players tend to wait for the rarer overall trackers that also feature original character art. Because, you know. Bigger number, better person.

One player thought of a way to change that.

Reddit user Fannge came up with an idea where instead of specific trackers being locked to certain statistics—such as the amount of kills a player had in season seven, or wins in season two—players would instead unlock tracker skins. These would include the art style that comes with the trackers already, but would also allow players to assign what particular stat they want the tracker to follow, like overall kills, or wins, or how much that random Lifeline main has healed their teammates with the D.O.C. drone.

This way, Apex doesn’t lose a low-level cosmetic item that they can give to players, but also makes the seasonal stat trackers a bit more popular to use. And if you’re one of those players that got 100 wins in season four and you really, really want everyone to know it, the trackers will still be able to do that, too!