Caustic teaser in Apex hints at a new toxin in Kings Canyon

And the Toxic Trapper wants to refine it.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

A new teaser in Apex Legends shows that there’s a large supply of a toxin in Kings Canyon—and Caustic is looking for it. A voice memo from the toxic trapper indicates that a new type of poison is brewing in the Solace arena.

Matches in Kings Canyon kick off with a third-person shot of Caustic walking into Crash Site, a hint to the location of the message. Players can find a new audio log from the Toxic Trapper in the POI.

“The erupted gas pocket and fuel have combined to create a gargantuan supply of toxin,” Caustic says in the message. “If there’s a way to refine it, I could mold it into something spectacular.” In addition to the audio log, players can spot a nearby canister of an undisclosed biohazardous substance.

Caustic’s updated voice lines when season eight launched hinted that the Toxic Trapper was up to no good. He mentions a “greater purpose” and a “final experiment” when reviving Crypto or Wattson. It’s likely that the new toxin is his latest grand experiment or at least related to it in some way. The scientist is also on Apex‘s title screen—another hint that the writers have more in store for him.

The teaser is likely the first in a series of hints of what’s to come in Apex and players can expect more messages throughout the week. In-game teasers to advance the story don’t usually appear individually, like Newton’s messages to Horizon—although Mirage’s old voice memo sets a precedent for it to happen.

Caustic’s search for the toxin, however, is unlikely to be the only plot point involving the Toxic Trapper in the near future. He has an unresolved storyline with both Crypto and Wattson.

The Fight Night short confirmed the long-standing fan theory that Crypto and Caustic were stepbrothers, or at least connected in some way. Crypto was raised at the Ticacek orphanage in Gaea, according to the “Streets of Suotamo” season three loading screen, and Caustic’s death certificate reveals his mother was named Katerina Ticacek Nox. The Fight Night short shows a picture of Caustic’s mother—the same person identified as Mystik in a photo with Crypto.

Crypto and Caustic have been on a near warpath since the season five quest and Wattson inadvertently is at the center of it. During the quest, the scientist betrayed the legends by telling Revenant about their plans and framed Crypto to sever his budding relationship with Wattson.

The animosity between Crypto and Wattson came to a close after the hacker revealed his true identity to her in a lore drop, which restored their trust in each other. The two legends, however, are antagonistic toward Caustic, as evidenced by several voice lines.

It’s unclear how Caustic will fit into the upcoming storylines in Apex, but the latest teaser shows that the Toxic Trapper is up to no good—and players can expect to hear more about his plans throughout the season.