Caustic player baits an enemy Apex Legends team into their noxious demise

"Life ends with death. I am simply expediting the process."

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Chasing a Caustic in Apex Legends is a risky endeavor. And one player has shown yet another reason as to why you shouldn’t do it.

An Apex player posted a video on Reddit today that showcased some next-level bait tactics. The player used Caustic to entice an enemy team into a gas-ridden lair, which quickly became their coffin.

In a casual three-vs-one situation, the Caustic jumped down into an underground tunnel on the eastern-side of World’s Edge, near Overlook. With several Nox Gas Traps placed at the bottom of the zipline, the sinister doctor had his ambush set.

To get a better vantage point, the player used the zipline to jump on top of a pipe and shot his unsuspecting, and gassed, victims from the high ground. Despite flailing and frantically looking for the Toxic Gasser, the enemy team ultimately met their demise.

In a hilarious coincidence, one of the enemy players seemingly recognized themselves in the video and commented on the Reddit post.

“Lol that was me and my friend that you killed,” the Bangalore player said. “Had no idea where the hell you were GGs.”

If this experience has taught Apex players one thing, it’s to never follow a Caustic.