C9 win nail-biter at halfway mark of Apex Pro League Split 2

After some one-sided Pro League days, yesterday's matches showcased several different teams at their best.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Cloud9 played ferocious Apex Legends last night, earning first place in a remarkably close competition that came down to the wire. They won two out of the six games played, completing a massive comeback after they were left in 19th place with only four games to go and a mere one point to show for their efforts.

Yesterday’s matches marked the sixth day of Pro League, the midpoint of its second split. Perennial favorites TSM and the more recently ascendant Esports Arena squad were widely expected to deliver big performances. But teams like C9 and G2, who have been out of the spotlight a bit recently, made their mark instead.

The first of three Storm Point games that opened the night led to a zone between Cascade Falls and Command Center, where it seemed like 100 Thieves or G2, who took turns atop the circle’s only building, would be able to notch an easy win. Instead, the unsigned squad Bad Boys took the game from the low ground, where they prevailed thanks to the safety of the roof above their heads, shielding them from Gibraltar ultimates, as well as a slightly undercooked final play from G2.

Game two went down near Storm Catcher, where G2 once again looked great going into the end game with strong positioning. But this time, the newly-promoted Challengers Circuit team Nightmare prevailed. Despite coming from the second-tier scene of the game, Nightmare has been playing extraordinarily well and remain in contention for a spot in the playoff LAN (if circumstances allow for one). After two games, G2’s consistency was paying off. They led with 32 points. Eventual winners C9 only had a single point.

The last game on Storm Point developed into a chaotic end game outside Gale Station, where C9 held a strong defensive position with good cover. Other squads dropped like flies on their way into the zone and C9 grabbed a confident win. After three games, G2 still hung on to a small lead. But the top five teams all had about 30 points, showing off the parity of this lobby. On Pro League days with less consistent matchups, squads like NRG and Esports Arena can score close to 30 points in one game alone.

The latter half of day six was played on World’s Edge. Game four finished outside Tree, where XSET triumphed. The leaderboard stayed close, with only five points separating the top five teams.

Game five played out between Climatizer and Overlook, where C9 first finished off a hopeful TSM squad and then capitalized on an easy third party for their second win of the day. C9’s Mac “Albralelie” Beckwith dropped a devastating Gibby ultimate on their rivals before they could reset, and teammate Zach Mazer’s Caustic ultimate cemented the win. But even two wins didn’t give C9 any room for error since a few other teams picked up solid placement points as well as kills in that same game. 

At the conclusion of game five, only three points separated the top five teams: C9, 100 Thieves, Renegades, TSM and G2 were all essentially tied. Whichever squad could put together the strongest finale would come out on top. A game near Lava Siphon tested their mettle. TSM’s hopes to stay atop the overall league standings were demolished when they attempted a Valkyrie ultimate and were shot out of the air as they rocketed upward, making them the second squad in game six who trusted too much in their Valkyrie strategy and suffered a fiery exit from the lobby.

C9 and G2 both survived into the top three. But C9 lost Albralelie on a push, leaving them with two players. G2, with their characteristic aggression, seized on the opportunity for a win. But it wasn’t enough. C9’s 13-kill second-place finish was more than enough to squeak by, ending the most competitive day of Apex in Split Two so far.

In the overall league standings, Esports Arena, NRG, and 100 Thieves are on top right now. But C9, G2, and TSM are only a few points behind them, and the likely winner is far from settled. Play in North America will resume on Thursday, March 24 at 7pm CT.