Best spots to land in Apex Legends’ new map, World’s Edge

Droppin’ hot… and cold.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends season three introduced tons of new content to revitalize the battle royale—one of which is a new map.

With World’s Edge making its Apex debut, players are trying to figure out the optimal drop points. Even though certain locations may hold high-tier loot, they might come at the cost of being overly populated. Abandoned zones, on the other hand, may only yield P2020s and Mozambiques.

One Apex fan helped the cause by diagramming exactly where to find high and mid-tier loot on World’s Edge.

Here are some of the best spots to land on Apex‘s new map.

The Epicenter

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

The Epicenter, a snow wasteland with looming ice spikes, is surrounded by three neighboring areas. Players looking for action and premium loot can jump here. But be advised, teams rotating from Capitol City and Refinery are liable to third-party your squad, littering the frozen landscape with your bodies and your banners.

Players who want an easier transition into the mid game may want to opt for Overlook instead, which still yields high-tier loot and is less likely to be infested with enemies.

Sorting Factory

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Don’t let the Hot Wheels race track look fool you. The Sorting Factory is as strategic of a location as it gets. The area offers an abundance of supply bins and high-tier loot, and players can also jump on the World’s Edge Express for a quick train ride around the map.

Sorting Factory is also south enough that it won’t be completely overrun by enemy squads, while also being fairly close to other regions in case your team gets an unlucky ring location. The presence of a jump tower can provide some additional access to nearby towns and can make for a last-minute getaway in case teams start rotating.


Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

This is basically Tilted Towers without the tryhards. Skyhook is in the ideal position, tucked in the northwest corner of the map with players’ only concern being the southern flank. A large quantity of buildings mean that even if enemies do land with you, your squad won’t necessarily be fighting over loot.

And if things start getting a little too hectic, plenty of cover, along with ziplines and a jump tower, can help your team get out of a sticky situation.

The diverse map provides a little something for all gameplay styles. Whether you’re an aggressive fragger or you want to pitch a tent and camp it out until the top five, World’s Edge has a place for you.