The best sniper rifles in Apex Legends

Strike from afar.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The sniper rifle is a battle royale player’s best friend.

The sprawling maps in Apex Legends’ Frontier are rife with opportunities for long-range snipes, but it can be tough to know which sniper to pick up when it’s time to pick someone off at a distance.

Should you pick up the Longbow DMR or the Triple Take? Is it worth it to rush that Supply Drop and hope for a Kraber .50 Cal? These are the decisions that a player needs to make on the fly in any Apex match.

We’re here to help with some of these decisions, but hitting shots is all on you when the time comes. Here are the best sniper rifles in Apex.

Kraber .50 Cal

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment
  • Head damage: 280 (2x)
  • Body damage: 140
  • Base magazine size: 4
  • Rounds per minute: 25

The Kraber is by far the best sniper available in Apex, but it’s contained to Supply Drops only. You’ll need to be lucky if you want to find one of these beasts in the Frontier.


Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment
  • Head damage: 140 (2x)
  • Body damage: 70
  • Base magazine size: 4
  • Rounds per minute: 31

The Sentinel is your best option as a sniper that can be found as floor loot around the map. It has a similar fire rate and mag size to the Kraber, but the damage is about half—still, it’s as good as you’re going to find.

Longbow DMR

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment
  • Head damage: 118
  • Body damage: 55
  • Base magazine size: 6
  • Rounds per minute: 78

If a semi-auto sniper is more your speed, the Longbow DMR will be your best bet. It only suffers a bit in terms of damage power when compared to the bolt-action snipers above, but it has around twice the fire rate.

Triple Take

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment
  • Head damage: 37 x 3
  • Body damage: 23 x 3
  • Base magazine size: 18
  • Rounds per minute: 72

The Triple Take is unique in that it fires three shots at once and the spread of the shots changes depending on your stance. If you’re crouching, for example, the spread will be smaller and up your chances of hitting all three rounds at once, which will land massive damage. Each shot independently hits for 46, so a perfect headshot has the potential to land for 138 damage.

Charge Rifle

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment
  • Head damage: 4 x 15 and 56
  • Body damage: 3 x 15 and 45
  • Base magazine size: 8
  • Rounds per minute: 26

The most unconventional sniper of the group, the Charge Rifle can be charged up like a laser beam before finishing off in a burst that does the most damage. It’s capable of dealing solid DPS when hitting every part of a charged up shot, and it can fire at very long distances.

G7 Scout

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment
  • Head damage: 72
  • Body damage: 36
  • Base magazine size: 20
  • Rounds per minute: 240

While technically an assault rifle that uses light ammo, the G7 functions as a semi-auto sniper rifle, and can be used as such. It’s a bit of a sleeper when it comes to snipers, but its damage is not negligible thanks to its high magazine size and fire rate.