All sniper rifles in Apex Legends, ranked

Strike from afar.

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Sniper rifles can be an Apex Legends player’s best friend or worst nightmare—it depends on which side of the trigger you’re on. If you’re looking to take out enemy squads from long range, you’re in luck: the game offers a wide assortment of sniper rifles, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. The sprawling maps of the Outlands are rife with opportunities for long-arming foes, but know that these weapons take time to learn and perfect.

If you’re just getting started with snipers in Apex, it’s natural to have a lot of questions. Should you pick up the Longbow DMR or the Triple Take? Is it worth it to rush that care package and hope for a Kraber .50 Cal? These are the decisions that a player needs to make on the fly in any match. We’re here to help with some of these decisions, but hitting shots is all on you when the time comes.

Here’s our definitive sniper rifle ranking in Apex.

The best sniper rifles in Apex Legends

1) Kraber .50 Cal

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  • Head damage: 252
  • Body damage: 140
  • Magazine size: 4

Even after a strong nerf in season 13, the Kraber is still a force to be reckoned with. It was designed to be a supply drop weapon, and it’s probably the only supply drop weapon that won’t ever be added to floor loot. A single headshot is enough to down almost anyone who doesn’t have a high-level helmet, and it comes with its own long-range 6x-10x sniper scope for hitting those long-range trick shots. While the Kraber has a high amount of bullet drop, makes a very loud and recognizable sound, and contains a tiny magazine, it’s worth it all for the sheer power it brings to the endgame.

2) Longbow DMR

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  • Head damage: 106
  • Body damage: 55
  • Base magazine size: 6

Long, long ago, the Longbow used to be categorized as a heavy weapon. It’s since made its way to the sniper category, though it takes a wide variety of scopes and can be used as a mid-range DMR in certain situations. Its biggest asset is its trusty hop-up, Skullpiercer Rifling, which increases its headshot multiplier by 35 percent. The Longbow is arguably the easiest of the sniper rifles to aim and has forgiving bullet drop alongside a relatively high rate of fire. While it won’t crank out as much damage as a Kraber or even a Sentinel, its ease of use, versatility, and Skullpiercer-aided headshots are a combination that’s tough to beat.

3) Sentinel

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment
  • Head damage: 126
  • Body damage: 70
  • Base magazine size: 4

In contrast to the Longbow, the Sentinel is a slower and more deliberate sniper rifle that rewards patience with high damage. It can be “amped” with shield cells to temporarily increase its damage; prior to mid-season 15, this required two shield cells, but a recent buff made it so that only one cell is required. It also has the built-in effects of the old Deadeye’s Tempo hop-up, though it doesn’t do much in practice.

The Sentinel is a better choice if you have your feet underneath you with snipers and want to try something with more risk and reward. The gun is bolt-action, so it has a slower rate of fire (and a distracting animation if you equip it with a non-sniper scope). While we believe the Longbow is effective in a wider variety of situations, Sentinel versus Longbow comes down mostly to preference for practiced Apex snipers.

4) Charge Rifle

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment
  • Head damage: 4 x 15 + 56
  • Body damage: 3 x 15 + 45
  • Magazine size: 8

The most unconventional sniper of the group, the Charge Rifle charges up like a laser beam before finishing off in a burst that deals damage. Since it doesn’t use bullets, it has no bullet falloff at all, making it a good choice for players who are struggling to aim well. It’s not a bad gun, especially if you know how to use it; unfortunately, it does have more drawbacks than most of the snipers on the list. It can only take two attachments—sights and sniper stocks—so there’s no way to increase the magazine size. It doesn’t do a ton of damage and has no hop-ups, and its bright orange laser tells enemies exactly where you are. The Charge Rifle has its place, but it’s the least versatile of the sniper rifles.


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