Best field-of-view settings in Apex Legends for PC, Xbox, and Playstation

You won't want to be the one to say "Which enemy? They aren't on my screen!"

Image via Respawn Entetainment

Having a decent aim will allow you to win skirmishes in Apex Legends, but you’ll only get so far on the ranked ladder without improving your game senses. Spotting enemies and feeding information to your team will play a vital role as you get closer to becoming an Apex champion.

Increasing your field of view (FoV) will let you have a wider perspective on the game, but setting it to its maximum value may not always be the best route for some players. While it's quite hard to declare a FoV range as the best, there's a clear trend in what players prefer.

Adjusting your FoV will have an impact on your frames. Increasing it will make you render more pixels while reducing it will do the opposite. If you're playing Apex with an old gaming rig that's barely meeting the game's system requirements, keeping your FoV low may be the only viable option for you.

We recommend taking each FoV setting out for a spin in the practice mode or a normal match to see if they're right for you.

Here are all the FoV ranges in Apex favored by professional and veteran players.

105-110 FoV

The highest FoV range is heavily favored by the majority of the competitive Apex players. Players like Aceu have been setting their FoV to the maximum level since the game release. If you've been using lower values for a while, setting your FoV to the max may feel off at first. The maximum FoV values come with a slight drawback called the fisheye effect.

While Apex does its best to reduce the fisheye effect, it can be especially noticeable if you're just making the switch. In cases where you don't expect any performance issues, you can continue to play with high FoV settings to get used to. The extra space on the left and right sides of your screen will help you notice enemies that you couldn't otherwise.

90-100 FoV

The 90-100 FoV range offers a decent balance between screen real estate and overall performance. You should prefer a value around this range if you experienced any performance drawbacks with the maximum FoV settings or any visual discomfort.

Despite being less popular, some professional players prefer playing with FoV values from this range, meaning it isn't any less competitively viable than higher FoV values.

You'll experience a less-tunneled vision with a 90-100 FoV, making the game feel slightly more realistic.

70-85 FoV

70-85 FoV values will noticeably decrease your vision area. Ideally, you should only use FoV settings from this range if you're having performance problems, but if you've grown used to playing with values from this range and feel comfortable, there might not be a reason for you to make the change.

Despite being competitively less viable, the 70-85 FoV range grants players a better long-range vision. This means that you'll be able to spot enemies from long distances that players with high FoV values will have a hard time noticing.

You may feel the shortcoming of this FoV range during close-quarter skirmishes since you'll be less likely to notice enemies coming at you from northeast and northwest angles.

Adjusting your other in-game settings in the most optimal way will also play a vital role in determining your in-game performance. If a higher FoV value causes your frames to suffer, you can try reducing other visual in-game settings to make up for it.

Turning off resource-hungry settings will let you push higher frames while playing Apex, and you may not even notice the visual difference. It's common for professional players to turn down all customization options in the game to squeeze in more frames since they tend to play with high-refresh-rate monitors.