Apex’s season 11 quest is a text-based story featuring Ash, Horizon, and a ton of conflict

Looks like there's Trouble in Paradise.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ season 11 is bringing Ash and Horizon to the forefront of the lore with its seasonal quest, Trouble in Paradise. The quest picks up from where last season’s Twitter comic left off: after Horizon woke up Ash thinking she was Lillian Peck.

“Ash has regained old memories that drew her to an important piece of her past,” the quest’s description reads. “Horizon finds a clue to her son’s fate but doesn’t know where it leads. Both want something out of reach. What will they do to get it?”

The story follows up on Horizon awakening Ash through her codes, giving the simulacrum the awareness that she was no longer human—and the memories of her past lives (and deaths) as Dr. Ashleigh Reid and Ash.

The story strengthens the narrative of the conflict between Ash’s two personalities: the dominant, cruel, calculating Ash and the “vulnerable yet intelligent” Leigh, according to the simulacrum’s official bio. Horizon wants to discover what happened to her son, who was in the laboratory on the night of the blast. Ash won’t tell her.

Ash’s awakening also means the simulacrum can pursue her own agenda once more, which may not bode well for the legends. In addition to her plans, Ash actively has an interest in keeping Leigh suppressed, and breaking her out is Horizon’s only way to know what happened to her son.

Instead of developing as an in-game comic, Trouble in Paradise returned to the text-based format in the season five quest, The Broken Ghost. Despite adopting the same format, it won’t have the same PvE missions as The Broken Ghost, so the only new Prowlers this season will be on Storm Point.

Players can experience Trouble In Paradise when Apex‘s season 11, Escape, releases on Nov. 2.