Apex’s season 10 voice lines show tension between Loba, Bangalore, and Valkyrie

New season, new batch of voice lines.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The Legacy Antigen may be over, but the resentment in the last quest is being carried over into the new season. The latest voice lines in today’s Apex Legends patch show some resentment between Valkyrie and Loba—and between the thief and Bangalore—after the ending of the last season quest.

Valkyrie’s quips toward Loba come with their share of tension from the Winged Avenger, despite Loba’s warm treatment. “This is cute, but I’m ready to move forward…or move on,” she tells Loba. “Your choice.” When Loba tells her that she’s “the best,” Kairi retorts with “then ask me out.”

Based on the voice lines, it seems like the two could have their sights on different goals. Valkyrie appears to be hung up on Loba, but the thief could still have feelings for Bangalore.

Bangalore also acknowledged a distance between the two. “Hey, Lo. It’s been weeks,” she says. In a separate quip, Loba retorts with “what would I do without my closest friend?” The answer seems to be a jab at Bangalore for saying the two were just friends.

Loba and Bangalore’s relationship evolved during The Legacy Antigen, but the friction started when the thief overhead the soldier saying that the two were “just friends.” At the end of the quest, she asks Valk for a nightcap and the two go out, hand in hand.

And though the web of connections between the two played a minor part in the plot in the Legacy Antigen, whoever gets close to Loba may end up with a bullseye on her back. Revenant promised to exact his revenge on Loba and the ones she loved, and Valkyrie and Bangalore could be the simulacrum’s next targets.