Apex’s Northstar short gives first look at new legend, Valkyrie

"My call sign is Valkyrie. And you'll live to remember it."

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

The skies belong to Apex Legends’ next character, Valkyrie. The daughter of a pilot and a pilot herself, she’s coming in guns blazing to the Apex Games—with a little help from an Apex Predator.

Today’s episode of “Stories from the Outlands” revealed the next legend, Kairi “Valkyrie” Imahara, Viper’s daughter and the newest competitor set to join the Apex Games. She wanted revenge on Kuben Blisk after her father died under his command during the Battle of Typhon. Instead, she walked out with an invitation to the most popular bloodsport in the Outlands and a new Titan in the bag—courtesy of Rampart herself.

Little Viper

Kairi is the daughter of Viper, the former Apex Predator who fought alongside the IMC in the Battle of Typhon, a decisive moment in the Frontier War. Viper died in combat during the events of Titanfall 2 and Kairi has spent her life chasing his legacy.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

She wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps, despite his disapproval. She said she’d one day get an invitation to the Apex Predators. “You’ll never fly one of these death traps,” Viper responded.

As a child, she’d sneak out and learn how to pilot her father’s Northstar Titan. It’s an impressive feat for a child, but Viper’s Northstar was custom-built to fly like a fighter jet instead of simply hovering. In one occasion, however, she stumbled into an enemy fleet and accidentally opened fire as she tried to escape. Viper came to her rescue and saved her. He was deployed shortly after, however, and died before he could return.

She blames Blisk for her father’s death, but the commissioner says that Viper “knew what he was fighting for.”

“Your father never wanted you to live for him,” Blisk tells her. “He wanted your legacy to be better.” Instead of taking revenge on Blisk, she takes an invitation to the Apex Games. “My call sign is Valkyrie,” she said. “And you’ll live to remember it.”

This episode of “Stories from the Outlands” is the first time we’ve seen Valkyrie properly. She made a brief appearance in Respawn’s celebratory video for reaching 100 million players, hovering into the arena—an ability that will come in handy in the Apex Games and that certainly fits her character.

Valkyrie will be the next legend in Apex‘s next chapter, Legacy, which is “so wild that we aren’t calling it season 09,” according to director of comms Ryan Rigney. The new update is scheduled for May 4.