Apex: Legacy introduces new legend Valkyrie, a bow, and an infested Olympus

And we can't wait.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

A lot is coming in the newest Apex Legends season—and we got a sneak peek today.

Respawn unveiled Apex‘s ninth season today, titled Legacy. And while fans expected to get a legend, it seems like a new Bocek Bow and landscape changes to Olympus are also on the horizon.

Respawn updated the Apex website with the Legacy page, which includes a brief description of the new content. While not much information has been offered, fans still have some details to mull over until the next season kicks off.

Fans got a first look at Kairi “Valkyrie” Imahara in today’s “Stories from the Outlands” short cinematic, a bold legend who’s ready to carve out her own legacy separate from her father’s. Her kit will likely offer verticality with a suit and jetpack, which was shown off in a teaser last week.

Olympus is also being infested with “roots” and “natural growths” that are “strangling the city.” The devs haven’t shown any of these upcoming map changes off yet, but they’ll likely address any issues that Olympus had while incorporating exciting updates.

As for the Bocek Bow, Respawn described it as a “powerful and deadly weapon, for those with the skill to wield it.” It does incredible damage at medium range, but “you’ll need to make each shot count.” With the battle royale featuring so many automatic weapons that excel at medium range, the bow will likely offer a different way of playing those engagements.

Apex: Legacy kicks off on Tuesday, May 4.