Apex’s gameplay trailer teases Mad Maggie’s finishers, unique animation with the Mastiff

No, she doesn't spit a tooth at the enemies.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ latest gameplay trailer showed just how ruthless Mad Maggie can be in the Apex Games, giving fans a glimpse into her likely finishers and a possible unique animation for picking up the Mastiff shotgun.

The trailer gives fans their first look at what Mad Maggie will look like in-game, including some of her voice lines, possible abilities, and animations. Though the cinematic shows that Maggie seems to thrive running around with shotguns and hurling insults at her opponents, it also gives fans an idea of her finishers when she lands in the Apex Games.

The first animation shows Maggie using one of her gadgets as a garrote, then bludgeoning her opponent with it. It’s a brutal move and exactly what you’d expect from a warlord who spat her teeth out at a magistrate just because she could.

Another animation shows Maggie throwing three quick punches, similar to one of Caustic’s finishers, and landing a final kick to her opponent’s face. To add insult to injury, this animation plays out in a first-person perspective, at least during the trailer.

Lastly, Maggie also seems to have a unique animation when picking up the Mastiff, which echoes her animation in the season 12 launch trailer. This could be another reference to Fuse, who has a specific animation when picking up the 30-30, a Salvonian firearm, in the season eight launch trailer.

Players can try out Maggie’s savagery firsthand when Apex‘s 12th season, Defiance, starts on Feb. 8.