Today’s Apex update fixes bug that allowed downed players to hop like frogs and issue purchasing Bangalore Edition

It's time to pay respects to the frog leap.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players will have to play leap frog elsewhere.

Respawn shipped a small update today that addresses a couple of pesky issues, including a fix for the hilarious frog hop and an error when attempting to purchase the Bangalore Edition.

One of Apex‘s more entertaining bugs allowed some players to hop around like a frog after they were knocked down. Though the glitch didn’t offer much of an advantage to fallen players, it did make it a bit harder to shoot enemies that were downed. This bug should no longer plague the battle royale after today.

The Bangalore Edition offers various superhero-themed cosmetics, including the Super Soldier legend skin, a Trusty Sidekick G7 Scout skin, and the Mark of a Hero weapon charm. Some players were reporting issues when trying to buy the edition due to a “no price found” message popping up under the purchase button. After pressing “purchase,” players would be redirected to an “error” screen on Steam. One player claims they were able to buy the Bangalore Edition by pulling it up on the Stream storefront instead. But the issue should now be resolved.

Players can expect some “miscellaneous” stability fixes as well in today’s update.