Apex players combine Crypto and Gibraltar’s ultimates to win match

The two abilities worked perfectly together.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Each character’s ultimate ability in Apex Legends has the potential to turn the tides of a firefight. When two ultimates are combined, however, it can be devastating for an enemy team.

Two players combined Gibraltar and Crypto’s ultimate abilities to win a duos match last night. The two players were hiding behind a building while the two last teams fought each other on the opposite side. The Gibraltar player called in his ultimate, which is an airstrike that delivers heavy damage to anyone caught in the blast. This ability is strong on its own, but when combined with others, it can easily kill an entire squad.

When Gibraltar called in his airstrike, the Crypto player used their ultimate, which is an EMP blast from their surveillance drone that deals shield damage and slows enemies. The EMP blast softened up two enemies enough for Gibraltar’s airstrike to finish them off. There were then only two players left for the duo to deal with.

The Gibraltar player pushed the last two enemies who were also damaged from the blast and swiftly eliminated them to win the match.

The two players beat the last two teams with ease just by combining their ultimates. They could’ve pushed the enemies and engaged in a firefight, but using their abilities lowered their risk of dying and provided an easy win.

Some players claim that the duo was camping behind the building, but the players defended themselves by explaining that using abilities and outsmarting their enemies is vastly different from hiding in a corner.