Apex players are reporting bugs while aiming down sights with new skins

Octane’s jester skin can disrupt your aim.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Skins don’t have an impact on your match performance in any game. But Octane’s new cosmetic in Apex Legends could affect your gameplay, and not positively.

Octane’s Jester skin can cause part of the character to clip out while aiming down sights, obstructing the players’ vision. The bug was reported on Reddit yesterday, where it gained its own thread with many players confirming the issue.

Users reported that a gold-and-red stripe appeared when aiming down sights with the skin, which blocked their vision of the bottom half of the screen, including the crosshair. This is likely a part of the character’s gloves or jacket that’s clipping into the screen.

The glitch makes it impossible to aim since players can’t see their crosshair or anything close to it.

Most reports of the bug involve the Prowler submachine gun and a 1x Holographic Sight. The causes are still unknown, but a player suggested that the weapon could be at fault. “That was the first thing I tried, removing the poop holo,” they wrote in a comment. “It didn’t work.”

The Prowler’s design is different than that of other weapons. The gun’s sights are located above a digital ammunition counter located on an elevated part of its body. Users speculated that the model could clash with the legend’s skin.

Most, if not all, reports of the bug so far involve the Prowler, but the skin only reached the store recently. There may be unintended interactions involving other weapons that have gone unnoticed.

Octane’s “Laughing Fool” skin isn’t the only victim of bugs, though. Players described glitches involving Mirage’s Halloween skin and Pathfinder’s Battle Pass skin that can trigger when using skills or sprinting.

The Laughing Fool cosmetic was added to Apex as part of its Black Friday sale. It’ll be available for purchase until Nov. 30 for 1,800 Apex coins. Once its limited rotation ends, the Harlequin Flatline skin, which will also cost 1,800 coins, will replace it to complete the set. The Black Friday sale also features a new Wattson skin and deals on Apex Packs.