Apex players are being thrown into modes they didn’t queue for

The random game mode that nobody wanted.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Bugs are common in Apex Legends. The game just released a patch this week aimed at fixing several of the more well-known ones in season 13, including Loba’s teleporter bracelet not working properly or Wraith often not taking any damage from enemy bullets. 

Some bugs are less common, including one that queues players up for game modes that they didn’t select in the lobby. Newly-minted NRG content creator Apryze saw this bug in action first-hand yesterday.

Despite queuing up for a non-ranked Trios match while he waited for his ranked teammates to get online, the game still placed him in a ranked match. What’s more, he was paired with teammates who were ranked Diamond Four and Platinum Two, far below his own rank in Apex Predator, the tier exclusive to the top 750 players in the world.

Apryze did queue for a ranked game accidentally before quickly unreadying and switching to standard Trios, so it’s possible that the quick action of readying and unreadying got the servers confused. But other players are also reporting Apex putting them in game modes they didn’t queue for. There’s even the case of a current post on the Apex Legends subreddit where a player tries to enter the Firing Range and instead gets placed in a battle royale match on World’s Edge with only five other players on the server, despite World’s Edge not even being the Trios and Duos map that was in the rotation at the time.

It’s unclear at this time if the Apex devs are aware of the game doing this to players, but it doesn’t seem to be a major priority at the moment. The bug isn’t even listed on the public Trello board that the devs use to communicate with the player base what bugs they’re working on fixing or what has already been fixed.

While some bugs may have been fixed this week, it seems that life on the Apex support team is never boring.