Apex player wipes final team from above with Caustic traps

Caustic's gas traps are deadly when used correctly.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

A Caustic player in Apex Legends eliminated the final team with a few well-placed traps. 

The final circle was closing in on a Caustic player who was the last person alive on their team. The last enemy team was directly below them and were trying to eliminate the Caustic player with arc stars and other items but were unable to do any damage. 

The player realized that they could drop their Caustic traps through the wooden platform on the unsuspecting team below and waited for the perfect opportunity to strike. They dropped the first trap as soon as the circle started to close and watched the chaos unfold below. 

The last enemy team immediately started to take damage and could not avoid the gas in the closing circle. The Caustic player continued to drop traps from above, knocking down the enemy players. The entire team eventually died from the gas and the Caustic player secured their one-vs-three victory. 

This is the type of situation most Caustic players can only dream about. The player took on an entire team without taking any damage and without any help from their teammates.

Some players claimed how the tactic is unfair to the players below, but the Caustic adapted to their situation and outsmarted their opponents. The clip is a warning to all Apex Legends players to always make sure they have the high ground in the final circle.