Apex player uses Wraith’s portals to win a game

Thinking with portals.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

In Apex Legends, the last squad standing is crowned the arena champions. The most common way to get there is by killing all of the opponents—but sometimes, all it takes is not dying.

An Apex player demonstrated a witty use of Wraith’s portals to outlive the rival squad in the final circle yesterday. The video was posted on Reddit and showed a stalemate between two squads. The Wraith was on top of the building of what appears to be the Train Yard, while the opposing squad was huddled inside a nest of Wattson fences a few stories below.

The final ring’s countdown started ticking. Instead of trying a last-second rush, the Wraith placed two portals opposite each other. As the ring finally closed in on the last participants, the player decided to hop across portals.

When using Wraith’s Dimensional Rift to traverse the map, the legend is placed in a state of temporary invulnerability, explained in the game as hopping between dimensions. Placing two portals near each other allowed the player to buy a few valuable seconds of invulnerability between travel animations—just enough time for the final ring to kill its opponents.

Wraith quickly became a popular legend after Apex’s launch. Her kit provides valuable utility to the team, unlike solo-oriented legends like Mirage. She can use her tactical ability to temporarily jump between dimensions and gain invulnerability at the cost of her capacity to wield a weapon. Wraith players can use portals to quickly traverse the map or to bait enemies into attacking at a disadvantage—or simply to stall long enough to guarantee victory.