Apex player snipes enemy with Bangalore’s smoke grenade

Still better than the Mozambique.

Apex Legends C4
Image via Respawn Entertainment

Bangalore’s smoke grenades in Apex Legends are commonly used for area denial or to protect her squad from enemy fire while reviving a teammate. But an Apex player found the accessory can become a kind of sniper rifle.

The player managed to pick off an enemy over 45 meters away with the smoke launcher. A video of the play was posted on Reddit.

The video shows a squad high up on a building and preparing to push against an enemy team holed up in a structure below. Bangalore shot her smoke grenades to keep her foes in the dark about the upcoming assault. The projectile hit an enemy dead-on to deal a mere 11 damage. It was enough to confirm the kill.

Hitting enemies with smoke grenades isn’t entirely uncommon, especially in closer ranges. The projectiles deal a small amount of damage but aren’t designed to kill.

Confirming a kill with a smoke grenade, however, isn’t as easy. To do so, the grenade must be lucky enough to find a target on the brink of death, and triggering the grenade launcher mid-firefight can take nearly a second, which can be enough for its user to take a few hits.

Getting a frag from long-distance is a somewhat rare occurrence. The projectile has an arched trajectory, which can be hard to predict. And even if the grenade hits the intended target, they have to be weak enough that the damage from the impact will down them.