Apex player is farmed by teamers in ranked after allies collude with enemy squad

The player says they were respawned three times before quitting the match.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Enemy Apex Legends squads teaming up in ranked is no surprise. But what happens when you’re the odd one out?

One Apex player had an unfortunate ranked experience when they were farmed for kills by an opposing squad, posting a video of the encounter earlier today. To make matters worse, their allies were colluding with the enemy team.

The player was ambushed by the enemies in a Diamond ranked match and began a firefight that they lost. As the enemies begin shooting back, the player’s allies did nothing and allowed it all to happen. Even as the player was getting executed by the opposing Gibraltar, their teammates stood close by nonplussed.

The unlucky Bloodhound player was then respawned at a beacon before being chased down by an enemy and finished off again. They allege that this happened three times, forcing them to leave the ranked game. The player also claims they “acted friendly and were chatting with me like proper teammates to trick me.”

This definitely isn’t the first instance of teaming in high-ranked lobbies. When several top Apex players were caught teaming in Predator lobbies last year, lead designer Chin Xiang Chong said the devs would “take appropriate action after doing appropriate investigations.”

If investigated, the offending players would likely be banned because this behavior clearly violates the integrity of competitive matchmaking.