Respawn responds to accusations of top Apex Legends players teaming in Predator lobbies

Respawn "will take appropriate action."

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Several top Apex Legends players, including Xynoa, Skittles cakes, and Fruffmeister, are being accused of teaming in Predator lobbies. And now, Respawn is weighing in.

Members of the community appealed to Respawn senior designer Chin Xiang Chong, claiming that the players exhibited “blatant abuse” of ranked matchmaking and that it “diminishes the integrity and sense of achievement” for playing fairly. Chong replied to the alleged cheating, claiming that the dev team “will take appropriate action.”

“Yes, we see the articles and the claims and will take appropriate action after doing appropriate investigations,” Chong said.

The initial video showed a spectator’s view of the supposed culprits while they replenished their shields next to an enemy team. Both teams even used a Gibraltar shield as cover while they looted and scouted for other groups.

Some fans are calling for harsh penalties, like wiping their ranks or giving them a season-long ban. But Respawn has to investigate properly before issuing any punishments.

Teaming up with enemy squads adversely impacts the integrity of matchmaking. Being ambushed by a third-party while taking on other opponents is already a nuisance. But when teams group up to ensure they’re the last two squads standing, it creates an unfair competitive environment that many label as cheating.

This article will be updated as the story develops.