Apex player dies by getting crushed by door

Take enemy portals at your own risk.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

There are many ways to die in Apex Legends, some of which are more embarrassing than others. One of the rarer ways to die that pops up in the killfeed from time to time is the “[Crushed]” tag, which usually occurs when, for example, players get caught between a gondola and a platform in the Climatizer or Lava Siphon POIs on World’s Edge.

There’s an even sillier way to be crushed to death in Apex, however: by a door. Reddit user badabingho posted the clip of that precise scenario. Not a moment to remember for the enemy.

Usually, doors in Apex can be blocked by player bodies, and shutting a door on a player that happens to be standing in the doorway doesn’t crush them to death. Instead, the door just stops where the character model starts. The portal and phase abilities in Apex make this interaction what it is, as something about the game logic probably freaks out if the door begins to close and a character model simply appears where the door is supposed to be moving. 

It’s unclear if badabingho was actually going for this play, or if they just opened the door at the frame-perfect moment. Either way, it’s a pretty great moment, even if it didn’t actually give badabingho a kill.

While this is undoubtedly a very stupid way to die, players can take heart in knowing that stuff like this even happens to pro players! They’re just like us.