Apex player creates “Hellevator” trap with Caustic

Some assembly required.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

When following a Wraith through her portal in Apex Legends, there’s a good chance you’ll be walking into a trap—sometimes literally.

Three Apex Players created a lethal trap using Caustic’s Nox gas and Wraith’s portals last night. The “Hellevator,” as they called it, relies on heavy amounts of gas, a portal, and an unsuspecting victim.

The players assembled the trap in a building just outside the Train Yard. The Wraith jumped into the upper levels of the structure and placed her portal in mid-air. Caustic filled the base of the building with gas barrels, but there weren’t enough to close off the passageway completely.

After opening the Rift, Wraith ran directly into a nearby enemy player to bait them into the trap. She closed her portal and used it to return to safety, and an enemy Bloodhound followed her into the gas pit.

As soon as they landed, Caustic’s traps activated, filling their screen with noxious gas, slowing them down, and dealing some damage. The Bloodhound was confused by the poison and Caustic joined in to finish them off.

The players appeared to throw a Thermite grenade into one of the edges of the base, probably to keep the enemy from using it as an escape since Apex limits how many gas traps Caustic can place. They also punched their opponent back into the middle of the device to keep them from escaping.

Caustic traps can obstruct teammates’ vision and give them the normal effects of the Nox gas, but without damaging them. His traps also reveal the enemies’ position if someone is in range of its poison.