Apex player busts cheater who was streaming with wallhacks

Yes, they were streaming. Yes, with hacks on.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Cheaters aren’t exactly a rare occurrence in Apex Legends. Not all hackers stream their ToS-breaking activities, but an Apex player stumbled into a cheater who used blatant wallhacks while broadcasting their endeavors on Twitch. The incident was caught on video thanks to a Reddit user.

The video showed the hacker nonchalantly traversing Skyhook in World’s Edge. Their camera revealed all the nearby loot through walls with the help of a wallhack. Around the 10-second mark in the video, the hacker noticed a new viewer coming to their stream.

The cheater stopped what they were doing to turn off the hacks. In doing so, however, they opened up a large cheat menu while still live. The drop-down interface showed a series of cheat options, including toggle settings for “no recoil” and “aim snap.”


The aim settings were also toggled on, meaning the hacker was likely using an aimbot in addition to wallhacks. The menu showed a series of options for wallhacks, including “draw items” and “draw skeleton,” alongside other settings obscured by the stream overlay.

The hacker tried their best to toggle the wallhack quickly, unchecking the “draw items” option from the checklist. Their game still seemed to show enemies in the distance, however, even through walls. The cheater ended the stream shortly after being caught.

Hackers have been a problem since Apex’s early days, but it’s not often that cheaters actively broadcast themselves using those types of ToS-breaking software. Players in the Reddit thread tagged Respawn Security Analyst Conor Ford in hopes that he would take the corresponding measures against the cheater, and with that much evidence, a ban could be on the way.