Apex patch addresses issues with reconnect, Wraith’s portals, knockdown shields, and missing beacons

Respawn just deployed a hefty amount of fixes.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ latest patch addressed several bugs and issues in the battle royale. The small update provided some improvements to the reconnect system and addressed bugs that caused Wraith’s portals to disappear, created ghost beacons, and stopped knockdown shields from blocking shots.

Respawn revealed that the patch made “improvements to reconnect.” The feature is supposed to let players back into ranked matches in the case of an error, to prevent them from being penalized for unforeseen issues or crashes.

Fans have had several complaints about the feature since its debut in season five. Crashes or connectivity issues would send Apex players back to the main menu and they’d be unable to reconnect and receive a 10-minute matchmaking ban, despite the introduction of the feature.

Although Respawn didn’t reveal full-length patch notes, the improvements to the feature are likely aimed at increasing its effectiveness and the number of players who are able to reconnect to their teammates.

Knockdown shields also saw some adjustments in the latest patch. Several players reported that the items weren’t soaking up bullets and the projectiles were passing cleanly through them. Knockdown shields can be used as a deterrent when players are downed and vulnerable, and any interference in their functionality can mean certain death.

The patch also addressed a series of other issues. Wraith’s portals could disappear into thin air when placed in certain spots—a frustrating bug to a useful mobility skill. But the update reduced instances of the error. Another glitch caused beacons to appear in the mini-map, but not in the world, and could send players into aimless hunts to use their gadgets.

The update even touched on ring logic, an attribute that dictates the behavior of the rings. Later circles could take place in unusual spots or corner squads against a mountain with no way of going through, but the improvements should help curb these anomalies with the feature.