Apex Legends trailer may showcase Revenant’s abilities

The assassin could have more than one stance.

Screengrab via PlayApex

Apex Legends revealed Revenant in arguably the most anticipated character reveal in the game’s history. But in addition to giving fans a look into the character and his inner conflicts, the trailer may have shown off some of his abilities.

Revenant was once “the greatest hitman the Syndicate ever had” and was well-versed in stealth, infiltration, and assassination. Hammond Robotics made him a simulacrum, a term used in the Titanfall universe to define a robot with a human mind implanted into it. When he discovered what his creators had done to him, he used his particular set of skills to go on a rampage against the company.

His backstory and design paint him as an assassin and it’s likely that his kit will reflect his prowess. He could be the ultimate killer, a full-fledged apex predator. And if the information retrieved in previous data-mining efforts is true, he could be the most complex character in the Apex Games.

The video shows Revenant climbing up the outside wall of a building to breach through a window. In a previous cinematic, the legend also snuck into a TV facility to brutally assassinate Jimmie “Forge” McCormick. The in-universe lore also revealed that he broke into a series of Hammond Robotics facilities. He’s an established infiltrator, able to prowl and sneak his way through heavy security measures.

If the data-mined information is true, one of his passive skills will reflect the stealthier side of his set. The skill is called “infiltrator” and allows him to walk faster while crouched, as well as to climb walls higher.

The introduction video could also showcase a different skill. After taking out most of con-man Marcos Andrade’s security detail, he takes a shadow-like form. His appearance becomes more ethereal and his red color scheme is replaced with strong black hues.

Data-mined skills indicate that Revenant could have more than one stance. The findings suggest that the game files list a “shadow stance,” which arms the character with a different set of skills. Activating this posture would allow him to walk more quickly and silently. It could also allow him to send out a “shadow revenant” to which he can teleport. The Infiltrator passive also applies to this form and makes the character an excellent choice for traversing the map and ambushing enemies.

Another possible reference to his skillset is on EA’s official website. His short character bio says that he “uses unnatural abilities to haunt his enemies and defy death.” It could be a nod to a few of his skills.

The “defy death” part may relate to the ultimate in his regular form. Data-mining efforts indicate that it’s called “death recall” and the legend places a totem that protects users from being downed or killed.

“Haunting enemies” may also be a nod to a different skill. A skill called “mark for death” lets Revenant throw a poisonous knife that allows him to track an enemy. When the location is revealed, a frightening message will supposedly appear on the target’s screen, saying that “something is watching you.”

Revenant will join the fight on Feb. 4 when Apex’s fourth season begins. But the legend isn’t the only new addition to the game. Players will have access to the Sentinel sniper rifle and can use it to fight their way to the new ranked tiers or just join Apex’s one-year anniversary celebrations for some virtual cake.