Apex Legends to award community-created loading screens as Twitch Drops until Aug. 3

There's a new one every week.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Players who watch certain Apex Legends streamers can now get six new loading screens courtesy of Respawn and the game’s community. The developer revealed that these fan-made items are available as Twitch Drops with one in rotation each week, starting today.

The initiative is part of Apex‘s Community Created series, which brings a variety of fan-made cosmetics into the game. For Legacy, the items will only include loading screens. But Respawn aims to expand the available items (and how to obtain them) in future seasons.

One new screen will be on rotation each week, with a selection of 10 possible content creators. To get their rewards, players must watch the designated streams for one consecutive hour. “Switching between streamers for an hour won’t count,” according to Respawn.

The last cosmetic for Legacy is available until Aug. 3, but Respawn will likely continue the partnership in the upcoming seasons. Here’s the full calendar:

  • Loading screen one: June 1 to 8
  • Loading screen two: June 8 to 15
  • Loading screen three: June 15 to 22
  • Loading screen four: June 22 to 29
  • Loading screen five: July 20 to July 27
  • Loading screen six: July 27 to Aug. 3

The Community Created initiative is hardly the only collaboration between Respawn and fans. Respawn drafted the help of a series of community artists to design teasers and comics—particularly during this season’s quest, The Legacy Antigen. Each week brings an official chapter of the comic to the game, plus another canon, community-created comic on Twitter later in the week.