Apex Legends’ The Legacy Antigen season 9 quest recap

Here's a breakdown of Apex's longest quest yet.

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Legacy, Apex Legends’ ninth season, brought Valkyrie to the Apex Games. The daughter of Viper, one of the bosses in Titanfall 2, shook up the narratives for several legends, including Loba and Bangalore. But that’s hardly the only big-picture change Legacy brought.

The season nine quest, The Legacy Antigen, is the longest quest Apex has released so far, with a weekly in-game storyline and a concurrent comic series on Twitter. The series touches on old and new story arcs, such as Octane’s abusive father, Gibraltar’s relationship with his ex-boyfriend Nik Gentile, Lifeline’s troubled family history, and Crypto and Caustic’s turbulent connection.

The Legacy Antigen kicks off after a mysterious virus hits Olympus, right when the Syndicate is planning a ceremony to honor Pathfinder after the Outlands discovered he helped save the region from an energy crisis. Here’s a recap of everything you need to know about the season nine quest.

The in-game story

The mysterious Icarus Fleet surfaces in Olympus, but all of its identifying information was removed. The Icarus brought a strain of vines that caused a lethal infection and the Syndicate tasks the legends with investigating the ship.

While outside the ship, one of the vines trips Loba, sending her into a freefall from Olympus. Valkyrie makes an entrance by rescuing her and hitting on her at the same time. She explains the vines could trigger contagious reactions that would result in death after three days. Bangalore asks about the cure, telling the rest of the legends she was infected.

The legends gather to come up with a cure. Valkyrie says the vines were weaponized in Typhon as part of Project: Legacy. Wraith and Horizon mention the ship’s serial numbers and flight logs were wiped clean, making the Icarus untrackable. Caustic says he doesn’t want to find a cure, but Crypto reveals their mother, Ms. Katerina Ticacek Nox, was also infected.

After Crypto and Caustic bicker, the scientist points the legends in the right direction. Caustic’s gas uses the venom of a type of spider on Gaea and they produce an enzyme that can nullify the toxins from the infection. The legends fly to Gaea and attempt to capture enough spiders to manufacture a cure, splitting into groups. Loba and Valkyrie capture a spider but are overrun.

Crypto and Caustic argue as they head into the Gaean jungle. Crypto scolds Caustic for throwing his family away and asks why the scientist faked his own death. “Because the cancer was supposed to kill me by now,” Caustic responds, much to Crypto’s shock. A group of spiders overruns the two and brings them to the spider’s lair, where they meet two familiar captives: Loba and Valkyrie.

Caustic uses his hammer to break himself free. Instead of freeing the others, though, Caustic steals Loba’s spider to manufacture his own toxin for himself. Valkyrie breaks free and calls in the cavalry—Fuse and Bloodhound, who were also on Gaea. After they make it out, Valkyrie punches Caustic and steals back the spider.

In the final chapter, the legends return to Olympus with their spiders in tow—enough to manufacture a cure. Loba heads to Bangalore’s quarters and hears the soldier telling Rampart that Loba was “just a friend,” a clear case of miscommunication. Crypto and Caustic both go visit Mystik but only one is allowed in. Crypto lets Caustic head inside to see his mother as a gift for all Mystik did for him.

Twitter comics

These comics were published weekly on Apex‘s official Twitter account and are complementary to the main storyline. Some contain essential plot reveals that give new meaning to important arcs, such as Ash and Horizon’s connection or Mirage and Rampart’s fraternal feelings for each other.

Gibraltar: “The Sins of the Father” and “The Boy Who Hated Gibraltar”

The season seven quest, Family Portrait, showed Gibraltar’s guilt for an incident that happened 13 years before the events of Apex. He convinced his then-boyfriend Nik to run away with him, but the two got in an accident. Gibraltar’s father comes to the rescue but ends up losing an arm in the process. Nik takes the fall for it and is sent to jail. At the end of the quest, Nik tells Gibraltar he wants him to stick around, and a season nine loading screen called “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” says Nik and his son Michael are coming to Pathfinder’s ceremony.

Gibraltar’s chapter in The Legacy Antigen kicks off with Nik and Michael’s visit. Due to the outbreak, though, Gibraltar leaves to help the city right as Nik shows up. Upon returning, he discovers Michael was also infected by the vines and Gibraltar has less than three days to find a cure.

The quest highlights that Michael used to hate Gibraltar. When Michael was a child, his mother told him the truth about how Nik took the fall for him, which made his son despise the legend. Gibraltar, alongside the rest of the legends, set off to find a cure—for Michael and Nik’s sakes.

Wraith and Bangalore: “The Truth Comes Out” and “Wrong Wraith”

Wraith and Bangalore weren’t on the best of terms before The Legacy Antigen—and the first part of their storyline in the season nine quest doesn’t help. After an argument turns physical, Bangalore puts a knife to Wraith’s throat and says she’s the reason Bangalore can’t find her brother. The former soldier explains.

Bangalore was working a security job in Little Mouse (the Solace colony) when an informant contacted her. He promised to have information about her brother, Jackson, who disappeared after the IMS Hestia crashed. “He’s no informant,” Bangalore says. “He’s a kid.” The quest shows the informant was Tae-Joon Park—Crypto’s identity before joining the Apex Games. Bangalore doesn’t seem to recognize him so far, likely due to the hacker’s face-changing devices.

Park uncovered a data trove of encrypted IMC data and devised a drive to decode it. This stash was located in Kings Canyon, not too far from Little Mouse. Bangalore put the device in a computer and decoded a video message from Jackson, showing he was still alive. At that moment, someone walked in and Bangalore hid. That person was Voidwalker, the Wraith from a different dimension. That’s when the events of the Voidwalker short transpired—and why Crypto’s logo appeared in the Voidwalker short before the character was even released.

Wraith tries to explain it to Bangalore and the two make a partnership of sorts: “I help you find your family, you help me find mine,” Wraith says. Bangalore accepts.

Mirage and Rampart: “Measuring the Marigolds”

Perhaps one of the most heartwarming chapters of The Legacy Antigen, “Measuring the Marigolds” sheds some light on the relationship between Mirage and Rampart. The modder’s settlement against Hammond Robotics came through and she finally can afford to move out of the Paradise Lounge. The two bicker about it, because lovingly bickering is 90 percent of their dynamic.

Evelyn Witt, Mirage’s mother, knocks some sense into her son, helping Mirage realize his relationship with Rampart is fraternal. After losing all three of his brothers in the Outlands Civil War, it took him a long time to remember what it felt like. Rampart agrees to move her shop, but she’ll continue to live with Mirage.

Evelyn also says she met up with Mirage’s father, a fact that had been teased in the season nine loading screen, “The Secret of My Success.”

Octane and Lifelife: “Checkmate” and “Runs in the Family”

Lifeline uncovered the recording Octane made during the epilogue of Family Portrait, which connected the museum incident to Duardo Silva, Octane’s father. Lifeline goes after Creighton Sawtelle to discover the truth—and it was far grimmer than it seemed. And of course, when Lifeline is involved, Octane is usually not far behind.

Octane and Lifeline’s arc in this quest starts with Duardo Silva visiting Octane’s house—and, of course, it doesn’t bode well for the legend. In true Duardo Silva fashion, he unleashes a barrage of abuse on Octane, then leaves.

Octane throws a bottle by the side of his father’s head as Duardo is leaving and confronts him, only for Duardo to slap him in the face. Lifeline shows up with a Peacekeeper in hand as Duardo is about to walk out the door. She says she knew the truth behind the hostage crisis in the season seven quest and accuses him of being behind the Icarus fleet and the deadly virus spreading in Olympus.

Duardo counteracts Lifeline by saying Octane is an accomplice to his plans. Not only did Octane know about the hostage crisis, but he also scrapped the Silva Pharmaceuticals logo from the Icarus. He gives Lifeline an ultimatum: “You turn me in, I turn him in.” Duardo walks out and into the Trident, talking to another accomplice out of frame. The comic reveals he’s talking to Lifeline’s mother, Cherisse Che, who’s plotting alongside Duardo.

Horizon and Ash: “Red Flags

Two chapters of The Legacy Antigen were radio plays, a format Respawn has experimented with since late season seven. The first of them, “Red Flags,” set the stage for Ash’s direct relationship with Horizon.

Horizon and Wattson are taking care of the Olympus power systems to ensure the city can continue to fight off the infection. Ash shows up in the middle of their conversation, telling the two to keep the lights on for the competitions running in Olympus.

Horizon mentions the building’s integrity could be damaged due to the vines. Shortly after she says this, a piece of debris falls from the ceiling. Ash pulls the scientist to the side and saves her from the rubble. Horizon thanks her. “Your work is essential,” Ash replies, coldly. “Your death would be a significant step back for the project.”

Ash ensures the Syndicate would send replacement parts soon. “You’re doing much to protect Lillian Peck’s legacy,” the simulacrum says as she leaves. “I’m sure your son Newton would be proud.” The mention of her son made Horizon’s ears perk up.

The scientist wonders how Ash knew about her son and Wattson says it must be because of the celebratory plaque in his honor. Horizon accepts the explanation but doesn’t seem fully convinced. This interaction starts to set in motion the events that led to Horizon trying to “wake up” Ash later, believing she was Lillian Peck.

Wattson: “Reflections

Wattson met up with an illustrious guest: Ms. Katerina Ticacek Nox, also known as Mystik, mother to both Crypto and Caustic. She was infected by the vines and Wattson visited her in the medical facility.

Mystik tells Wattson she knows who her sons are—both of them. Though Caustic faked his own death, Mystik knew since his first match in the Games. “What changed, the part in his hair? Worst disguise I’ve ever seen,” she tells Wattson. “He’s not even trying.”

The two talk about the people they lost and what keeps them going. For the two of them, it’s their newfound family, in a way—Wattson found the legends and Mystik found Crypto. “I never stopped loving Alexander, but you’re the reason I started liking him again,” Mystik tells Wattson. She gives Natalie her contact information, saying she was welcome to pop in whenever she felt alone. Mystik’s condition worsens, however, and a doctor enters the room, signaling the end of the radio play.

Epilogue: “Legacy Lost”

The epilogue saw the culmination of the character development and story arcs from the rest of the quest so far, both in-game and on Twitter. Wraith and Bangalore partnered up, and Bangalore hinted at her feelings for Loba after a slip of the tongue. Fuse and Bloodhound had a toast “to buttsmacks,” referencing the season eight launch trailer. The legends cured Michael, Nik’s son.

Octane and Lifeline put the Silva Pharmaceuticals logo on the Icarus, pointing the blame toward Duardo. Duardo’s megalomaniac monologue showed he was trying to defy the Syndicate and create new leadership. Ash and Horizon’s conversation was the seed that got Horizon to try to wake up Ash in season 10.

Caustic’s application to become a simulacrum was denied, meaning he was still susceptible to his cancer. Wattson and Crypto anonymously dropped a Carthage spider on his doorstep, which would let him manufacture a cure of his own.

Loba and Valkyrie met on a rooftop in the city and Valk showed surprise after Loba was not with Bangalore. Loba said she wouldn’t refuse a nightcap and the two walk out, hand in hand, only for the comic to show Revenant standing menacingly in the corner, telling himself he still remembered the promise he made to take away everything Loba loved.


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