Apex Legends’ Switch trailer reveals exclusive Pathfinder skin, hints at ground emotes

But don't go dancing just yet.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends is coming to the Nintendo Switch on March 9 and the latest trailer gave fans a look into what to expect from the new version—including a glimpse at a function that might be coming to the battle royale in the future.

A short segment of the video shows the legends performing a series of actions, from dancing to boxing, that isn’t a part of banner poses and might make their way to the battle royale as ground emotes at some point—although Respawn hasn’t officially confirmed this yet.

The cinematic also reveals the Switch-exclusive “P.A.T.H.” cosmetic for Pathfinder and gives fans a taste of the familiar gameplay on the new platform.

One of the highlights of the new cinematic was a hint at ground emotes. Players can spot legends performing a series of gestures around the 20-second mark and again 38 seconds into the video. Mirage, for instance, appears to be dancing while Bangalore shows off her boxing moves. The poses don’t seem to be a part of released player banners, however.

Apex already lets players use emotes to a degree. Skydive emotes allow legends to perform a series of gestures when skydiving—from riding a rocket to playing the ukulele, depending on the legend. Players can’t perform those actions on the ground, however, as of season eight. But the new poses in the video hint that the feature could make its way to the battle royale at some point. Respawn, however, hasn’t confirmed the addition of emotes.

Data-mined findings also point in the same direction. Data miner Biast12 revealed the existence of animations named “stand_emote” in the game files and Shrugtal pointed out a new element in the interface from a developer build that could reportedly let players use their emotes.

The poses could possibly be used for upcoming banner poses or could just be unused animations. Bangalore’s boxing moves, for instance, could be a part of the animation sets for the Fight Night ring. Still, given how prevalent the feature is in other titles, Apex might incorporate it into the game at some point—although that’s still speculation, despite the latest hint.

The Switch trailer also shared a first look at the exclusive Pathfinder skin, P.A.T.H., which will be available for a limited time to anyone who plays Apex on the portable platform until May 4, according to the fine print in the video. In addition, Respawn is giving out 30 battle pass levels and hosting two weeks of double XP on the Switch to help players catch up with the new season, Mayhem.

Apex debuts on the Switch exactly a week from now on March 9.