Apex Legends’ Summer of Plunder returns Wraith’s Voidwalker to the store, adds Loba P2020 skin

It's back.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends fans who have fawned over Wraith’s Voidwalker cosmetic or Loba’s personal P2020 skin are in for a treat. As part of the Summer of Plunder, both visuals are now available in Apex Legends’ in-game store—but only for a week.

The two cosmetics come as part of bundles, item sets that contain exclusive skins and are sold at a discount compared to the individual prices. The store rotation features a series of bundles, including one for Wraith and another for Loba, with exclusive skins for each of the legends.

In total, six bundles are available. The spread is balanced, though. Half of them contain character skins, while the other half features Apex Packs.

All items in the store are on a timed rotation that will end next Tuesday, July 28 at 12pm CT, which gives players a week to get all the rewards. Players can only purchase one of each bundle, so Apex Pack hoarders may have to spread out their investment.


One of the most coveted skins in Apex is back. Wraith’s Voidwalker is in the store as part of the Voidwalker bundle, which has the skin, a banner frame, and a RE-45 visual for 2,500 Apex Coins.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

The Voidwalker skin launched during an event with the same name, designed to explain the Interdimensional Skirmisher’s background. The event included an episode of Stories from the Outlands called “Voidwalker,” which shared more information on Wraith’s past as a test subject at an ARES research facility, as well as the addition of Singh Labs, a new POI in Kings Canyon.

Since it was an event skin, Voidwalker was ineligible to return to the shop for six months after its debut. The exclusivity ended in March. At the time, design director Jason McCord said there were “no plans to bring it back any time soon.”

In June, however, McCord responded to the quote and teased that the cosmetic might return. “I feel like we are getting dangerously close to being away from ‘soon’,” he said. “Not saying anything but just saying.”

Data miners first speculated about the return of the Voidwalker skin after finding mentions to a summer sale in the game files. Some data miners suggested that the sale would contain a series of bundles, including one with the sought-after cosmetic.

Loba’s P2020

But Voidwalker isn’t the only exclusive item coming with the Summer of Plunder. Loba’s unique P2020 skin is also up for grabs as part of the Dressed to Kill bundle, a set tailored specifically for the High-Society Thief’s expensive taste.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

The bundle contains the Ivory Skin P2020, as well as an exclusive Elegante visual that dresses the legend in a black-and-red color palette. Purchasing the set will also unlock Loba for players who don’t have her. The bundle costs 1,750 Apex Coins.

Loba’s personal P2020 skin has caught the attention of fans since her debut. The legend’s extravagant P2020 has an inlayed grip and barrel, making it a gun worthy of the finest thief in the Outlands.

Other bundles

The Summer of Plunder doesn’t stop there, though. Players can acquire the Phase Shift bundle, which contains skins for Bangalore, Lifeline, and the Prowler SMG for just 1,000 Apex Coins. Players who are more willing to try their luck can also purchase bundles full of Apex Packs to fast-track the progression to the next heirloom set.

The Holy Grail bundle contains a gun charm, a legendary Apex Pack, and seven normal Apex Packs all for 700 Coins. The Lucky Cat pack costs 2,000 Apex Coins but gives out 25 Packs and a cat gun charm.

For players who are keen on hunting for treasure, however, the Treasure Trove bundle can provide a good opportunity to get Apex Packs in bulk. The bundle contains the rare R-301 Shifting Sandstone skin and an astonishing 70 Apex Packs for 5,000 Coins.