Apex Legends subreddit announces art challenge for Community Awards feature

The Apex subreddit uses Reddit’s new feature to create an art challenge.

A moderator for the Apex Legends subreddit announced they are finalizing their Community Awards feature, but need the community’s help.

The moderator, flawzies, explained in a Reddit post that an art challenge will take place to help populate rewards for Reddit’s new feature. The Community Awards feature, which has been testing since April, allows subreddits to give out Gold-style medals that they design for themselves. This allows subreddits to use content specific to the thread’s culture as medals and unique flairs.

Fans who place from first to seventh will have their icon added to a personal unique flair, and receive credit.

The rules to the art-challenge are as follows.

  • Upload your finished result to imgur.com and add the link here with a brief description.
  • Image width and height should be equal, and at least 512px. File size limited to 2MB. File type: PNG.
  • If you wish to discuss the something related to the challenge, or have any questions. Head over to the discussion thread.
  • Thread will be in contest mode (hidden comment vote scores and randomizes the order of the comments).
  • Winners are determined by most up-voted comments.*

The contributions cannot contain any inappropriate, NSFW, gore or sexual content, and they must be original. Mocking of other contributions will also not be tolerated.

For fans that are artistically inclined, you have until July 28 to submit your contributions to the subreddit. Best of luck!