Apex Legends still experiencing server issues the day after Legacy’s launch

More issues are affecting the servers.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends can’t catch a break after the launch of its new season, Legacy. New issues have surfaced this morning just after major disruptions took out the Apex servers for hours. Respawn is “working with all our partners” to find a solution to the second wave of issues.

Respawn acknowledged that Apex was experiencing “intermittent service issues” across all platforms today. Some players reported being unable to connect or getting stuck at the title screen indeterminately. Dot Esports was able to log in shortly after the issues arose, but we’ve gotten stuck in the title screen since.

Downdetector, a website that compiles reports about service outages, shows spikes in issues connecting to Apex servers throughout the morning—although they’re far from being as intrusive as the ones that took place yesterday.

The launch of Apex‘s latest season, Legacy, overloaded the servers and caused widespread issues with the game’s marketplace service, which governs all unlocks, including cosmetics and legends. Players who did connect to the game amid server outages could only use the six original unlocked characters and a visual indicator showed that users had negative 9,999 Apex Coins and Crafting Metals in their accounts.

It’s unclear how long it may take to find a solution, but reports seem to be dwindling, according to Downdetector. Apex players might be able to experience Legacy without a hitch soon.

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