Apex Legends’ season two update patch size will be massive

Players will have to download at least 18 Gb of data.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends will get all the content they’ve been begging for starting today.

Respawn is releasing Apex’s season two Battle Charge at 1pm CT. Besides the addition of a new Battle Pass, daily and weekly challenges, and the debut of a ranking system, the game is receiving a huge patch in terms of download size, community manager Jayfresh said.

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players can expect an update size of over 20GB, while PC players will get a slightly smaller update of 18GB. These are estimates subject to change, but players should still expect a sizeable download.

Jayfresh said that not all Apex updates will be that huge, though. The season two update is an exception but an opportunity Respawn is taking to send a fresh build of the entire game to all players, both those who will still download it and those who already have it installed.

“When we ship a patch, usually we deliver this new content in additional files that sit alongside the files we originally shipped with, so updates are as small as possible for our players,” Jayfresh wrote. “However, the cost for this is that outdated content remains alongside the new content, growing over time. New players still have to download it to start playing, and all players must keep it on their disks. To pay down this cost, periodically we make a fresh build of the game, with outdated content removed.”

Even though today’s update is an exception, it doesn’t mean there won’t be new exceptions in other updates. “There will occasionally be cases in the future where large updates will need to happen,” Jayfresh wrote. “When that’s the case we’ll let you know.”

If you want to play Apex’s season two today, it’s a good idea to leave your console or PC ready to download the update as soon as it’s out. If your connection isn’t great, just leave the download there, go do something else, and come back when the game is ready.

Season two Battle Charge ends in early October.