Apex Legends’ season 8 quest, Armageddon, resumes after month-long break

“Fairly intense couple of weeks, eh?”

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends‘ season eight comic, Armageddon, is back after over a month. In the new chapter, Fuse tries to stop Maggie with the help of Lifeline and Bloodhound, but someone crashed their ship and put an early end to their plans.

The story picks up after the Chaos Theory event, when Mad Maggie hijacked the arena and Caustic took over the Water Treatment facility in Kings Canyon. The fourth chapter, “She’s a Charmer,” is the first development in the story since Feb. 17.

Today’s chapter shows a flashback of what happened during the six-week break in the comic. The legends are looking for a way to stop Maggie (Mirage goes as far as suggesting to hire Revenant for the job), but Fuse takes the matters into his own hands and steals a nearby ship to chase his rival.

Lifeline and Bloodhound join his efforts to stop Maggie. While Lifeline doesn’t trust Fuse, she can see the two have bad blood, and “she can trust that.” Bloodhound, on the other hand, explains that Fuse reminds them of “an old companion.” It’s likely a reference to their former lover, Boone, who appears at length in one of the chapters in Pathfinder’s Quest and in one of the season eight loading screens.

Something thwarts the trio’s plans in the final page of the chapter. Their ship blows up and crashes—and it doesn’t seem to be an accident. Fans will have to wait another week until the next chapter debuts on April 6.

The season eight quest, “Armageddon,” is the first quest to function independently from the Treasure Pack system. Each page unlocks automatically at a certain time, regardless of progression. The packs will still spawn in matches, however, and players can collect them for the usual rewards, such as Apex Packs, battle pass progression, and gun charms. Acquiring all packs will also yield a bonus (and undisclosed) reward.