Apex Legends’ season 8 Mayhem Pack is live with a Fuse skin and 600 Apex Coins

Grab the new visual and some coins for just $4.99

Image via EA

Fuse mains have yet another look to choose from. Apex Legends’ Mayhem Pack is live with a new visual for the explosive enthusiast, plus 600 Apex Coins. The package deal costs $4.99 and will be available throughout season eight.

The bundle contains Fuse's Ringmaster cosmetic, which dresses the former Bone Cage Champion with a crimson and gold palette, similar to the Anniversary Collection Event skins. His robotic arm and mortar launcher both get intricate details—and the cherry on top of the outfit is a low-hanging bowtie.

The Mayhem Bundle is another installment of a trend that dates back to at least season four with the Assimilation Pack. The bundles include a visual for the new legend and 600 Apex Coins at a reduced price—a rare opportunity to purchase less than 1,000 Coins to complete a battle pass or acquire a gun charm, for instance.

Seasonal packs go live in the first weeks of a new season but only remain in stock for a limited time. This means that Fuse players who want to snag the outfit have a little under three months to grab it.

The Ringmaster skin is Fuse's fourth cosmetic since his debut on Feb. 2. The new season launched with a Fuse bundle available in the in-game store and players who purchase the battle pass get another visual for the legend. In addition, Prime Gaming subscribers can snag the Freedom Fighter outfit until March 15.

The Mayhem pack is available through both Steam and Origin, as well as through the PlayStation and Microsoft stores.