Apex Legends season 6 gameplay trailer showcases new skins

The new season is just a few days away.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

A new season of Apex Legends is nearly upon us, and a new season means new skins. Today’s season six: Boosted gameplay trailer showed off a few of them already, and just going off the brief glimpses we’ve seen of the new content, players will be eager to grind up their battle passes and splurge on some Apex coins.

Each season tends to have skins based on a theme. For season four: Assimilation, many characters got cybernetic skins. For season five: Fortune’s Favor, many skins had an adventurer theme to them. Season six looks like it’s going all in on the bright splashes of color found elsewhere in the season six teaser trailer and other touches to the game, like the Graffiti hop-up for the Spitfire in the Always Be Closing Evolved mode.

Lifeline gets the party started with a bright green and yellow skin, with matching colored hair. Octane can be clearly seen running around in a new skin in a bright lime green. Pathfinder has a new banana yellow skin that looks a little bit like a bike frame protecting his machinery. Bangalore has a teal and yellow skin replete with face paint, and Bloodhound shows off a sleek new black and red skin.

All of these skins show off writing in various places on them as well, giving off a distinct sports and esports vibe as if the skins were made to resemble jerseys with sponsorships. “MRVN,” which stands for Mobile Robotic Versatile Entity and is most notable in Apex for being the type of robot Pathfinder is, can clearly be seen written on the leg of Pathfinder’s yellow skin. Bloodhound’s skin has “VNNA” written on the front, which is most likely a reference to their voice line “If the gods will it, we vinna.” “Vinna” means “win” in Swedish, and given the obvious Scandinavian influences in Bloodhound’s design, it would make sense to write it on a skin. They also have several phrases in Japanese Kanji written on the skin.

The idea of legends being sponsored in the Apex Games isn’t a foreign one. Forge was sponsored by Hammond Robotics before his untimely demise and the latest Stories From the Outlands told us the story of Rampart getting Blisk’s seal of approval to join the games.

The trailer also dropped several new gun skins that are just as bright as the characters wielding them. First and foremost, we get a look at the newest Rampart reactive gun skins for the G7 Scout, which will most likely be the Level 100 and 110 battle pass rewards. One comes in a clean white, while the other looks like it has more of a brassy or golden color. The iron sights on the gun appear to be different from the default skins and the gun’s reaction to getting downs and kills appears to be fire coming out of exhaust ports in the barrel.

There’s also a lime green Triple Take skin that looks like it was designed to match Octane’s newest skin, as well as Spitfire and Devotion skins that follow the “bright colors and zany patterns accompanied by some auspicious text” design aesthetic seen elsewhere. Finally, it looks like the Kraber is getting in on the action, with Octane sporting a bright blue and yellow version of the gun with red accents at the tail end of the trailer.

The trailer shows off most of these skins in the section advertising the new battle pass, indicating that most are probably unlocked there. And while we don’t get to see any new skins for Rampart in the trailer, rest assured that plenty of cosmetic options are coming for the newest legend as well. You can see for yourself when season six drops on Aug. 18.