Apex Legends’ season 5 quest kicks off with the hunt for the first piece of an artifact

Players need to go through an incursion in Kings Canyon at night to get their hands on the device.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The hunt has begun. Apex Legends’ season quest kicked off today with the first chapter in the saga of The Broken Ghost. In the first hunt, players must dive into a night-time Kings Canyon to uncover a piece of a mysterious artifact.

The hunt is a short incursion into Apex‘s first map and begins with a legend (or a squad) jumping from the dropship. Players can recruit most legends for the job, with the exception of Loba and Revenant. As part of the ongoing story, the simulacrum doesn’t know that the rest of the legends are looking for the pieces and Loba is providing remote support and guidance from a distance.

Players drop at the entrance of the Artillery Tunnel and begin the hunt with a set loadout: a Mozambique and a P2020, along with a white shield, healing items, and plenty of ammo. It’s more than enough to fight off the numerous Prowlers that guard the path to the artifact.

The hunt has an eight-minute timer on a steady countdown. But since the path is pretty straightforward, there’s more than enough time to scavenge the several supply bins on the way. Players can find healing items or Hammerpoint Rounds to increase their lethality against the Prowlers.

After reaching the destination, players must set up a miniaturized Planet Harvester and hold their position until the machine has dug up the artifact. Once the device is done, the squad must pick up the artifact and hurry back to the dropship. Successfully completing the hunt awards players with a Sapphire Loot Tick charm, the piece of the artifact, and the next chapter of the quest.

The first chapter is in text form and evidences Bangalore’s clear distrust of Loba. She proposes that the rest of the legends entertain Loba for the time being but do a little recon of their own—and the task falls on the hands of Octane, Apex’s adrenaline junkie.

Players first got a taste of The Broken Ghost with the prologue to the quest. Loba gathered all the legends in Mirage’s Paradise Lounge to make them an offer: Dig up the pieces of a mysterious artifact and don’t tell Revenant. But the prologue ends with a twist. One of the legends is a rat and fans can only speculate who it is for now.

The Broken Ghost is Apex‘s season-long quest and will award players with a new chapter each week—if they can fend off the Prowlers. To unlock each hunt, players must find Treasure Packs scattered over its maps, obtainable once per day.