Apex Legends’ Ring Fury Escalation Takeover adds Heat Shields

The item will remain after the event ends.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ Chaos Theory Collection Event is set to introduce a new Ring Fury Escalation Takeover playlist for players to enjoy. Players can use a Heat Shield to protect themselves and their team from Ring Flares. 

The Ring Fury Escalation Takeover adds a fun twist to traditional Apex gameplay. Each round, one or more Ring Flares appear on the map within the current ring and players are given a short warning before they occur.  These Ring Flares slowly expand and damage players caught in the area. 

But each player starts with a Heat Shield in their inventory that can protect them and their team. The Heat Shields can be thrown down to create a protected area within the Ring Flares that prevents damage. This provides time for players to regroup, heal, or prepare for their next move. 

The use of healing items is increased by 50 percent while inside the Heat Shield dome and revives are 25 percent quicker. These bonuses only apply to Heat Shields activated by Ring Flares, which prevents players from abusing them. 

The Heat Shields degrade over time as they take damage from the ring and won’t last as long in the final rounds. 

The loot pool in the Ring Fury Escalation Takeover has been tuned to spread Heat Shields throughout the map. The new item will also remain in the game as regular ground loot after the event ends. 

Players don’t have to worry about Heat Shields taking up space in their inventory. A new Survival Slot allows players to carry Heat Shields or Mobile Respawn Beacons with ease. Each team should coordinate their Survival Slots to ensure they’re prepared for any situation. 

The Ring Fury Escalation Takeover will appear in Apex’s Chaos Theory Collection Event, which starts on March 9.