Apex Legends reveals original song, ‘Outlaw’s Oath,’ sung by Fuse himself

"In the Bonecage, I ride the victory road. In the Bonecage, I live to rock and load.”

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Blowing up things isn’t Fuse’s only talent. The legend is also canonically a singer/songwriter and he proved it to the Outlands today with Apex Legends’ first original song, “Outlaw’s Oath”—sung by Fuse’s voice actor, Ben Prendergast, and with lyrics from Respawn writer Sam Gill and principal writer Manny Hagopian.

The lyrics allude to his life in Salvo and why he decided to join the Bonecage, the planet’s take on the Apex Games.

“In the Bonecage, I ride the victory road. In the Bonecage, I live to rock and load,” Fuse sings in the chorus. Fuse confesses that the Bonecage could bestow him with “death or glory,” but he’s “a bettin’ man” and says he’ll “find [his] home” in the competition.

Before making it to the Apex Games, Fuse took part in Salvo’s most popular bloodsport, the Bonecage. He was the oldest participant to ever join the games at 51 years old, according to a season eight loading screen, and made history with the longest win streak of 21 matches, demolishing the previous record of 13.

The song could provide a glimpse at Fuse’s reasons for joining the Bonecage so late in his life—especially considering his battle-hardened path as a mercenary in Salvo, as seen in his episode of Stories from the Outlands.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Fuse playing guitar isn’t a surprise to the fans. He first appears in the season eight launch trailer strumming down some chords in the aftermath of Maggie’s attack on Kings Canyon and official art shows the explosives enthusiast huddled around a campfire with a guitar by his side. Respawn, however, took the character’s personality to the next level by actually writing and recording a finished song.