Apex Legends removes Killing Time and Auto Banners from Apex’s War Games rotation due to issues

Killing Time will be moved to “a later date.”

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ War Games event is facing trouble for the second time. Developers removed two takeovers from the rotation, including today’s Auto Banners mode, due to “some issues affecting Apex.

Both Killing Time and Auto Banners will sit out of the War Games event, according to a tweet, although Respawn will save Killing Time for “a later date.” The removal of the takeovers leave only two modes in stock for the event: Ultra Zones and Armor Regen.

The updated schedule leaves Ultra Zones as the only takeover until the reset on Wednesday, April 21. Armor Regen will take its place until the event ends the following Tuesday, on April 27.

The War Games event was slated to cover five different takeovers spread out across two weeks but encountered difficulties from the beginning. The first mode, Second Chance, met a series of progression issues that caused challenges and experience earnings to disappear and stopped players from progressing through the Battle Pass. Developers switched it out for the Armor Regen mode on the same day.

Ultra Zones had a clean stint in the map rotation until earlier today, when it gave way to the Auto Banners takeover. Players reported a series of issues, particularly with servers, and Respawn removed both Auto Banners and its successor, Killing Time. The two modes on rotation until the event ends are tried and true, and both had fairly stable launches.

Players who are looking forward to Killing Time might see it at a future event. Respawn would save the event “for a later date,” although the company hasn’t specified a clear timeline yet.