Apex Legends players use knockdown shield to protect teammate

Knockdown shields are more useful than you think.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Most Apex Legends players believe they are down for the count when knocked down. Its normal to crawl away to try and hide until your teammate can revive you, but you can still be helpful while on the ground. Two players used their knockdown shields to protect their teammate which helped them win a one-vs-three fight.

A player recently uploaded a clip of them engaging an enemy team who already knocked down one of their teammates.

The player attempted to revive their downed teammate, but another enemy pushed their position and knocked their other squad member. They were forced into a tough a situation, but the downed teammates used their knockdown shields to even out the fight.

The downed players used their shields to protect their teammate while they returned fire with their Mastiff shotgun. The strategy helped the player deal out massive damage on the enemy team while being protected behind the shields.

The player knocked one enemy before the last two players pushed their position, but the downed players used their shields to halt their advance. This bought enough time for the last standing squad member to eliminate the final two enemies and secured the area. The player immediately revived his teammates who helped turn the tides of the difficult situation.

Most players will only ping enemy players when down and try to crawl away from the fight. The downed players in the clip showed how useful knockdown shields can be when used properly. Next time think about helping your teammate who is still alive instead of spamming the ping button.