Apex Legends players race to see who can self-revive first

Always assume the enemy has a golden knockdown shield.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

When you get knocked down, sometimes you have to pick yourself back up. But two Apex Legends players have taken that inspirational quote to the next level.

The players knocked each other down, but both had level four shields. They had no choice but to race and see who could get back on their feet first. The situation turned into a hilarious fist fight with great commentary from one of the player’s teammate.

The player encountered an enemy in between them and their downed teammate and immediately opened fire. Both players downed each other, but the player luckily had a gold knockdown shield, which meant they could revive themselves. The player did not expect the enemy to also have a gold knockdown shield, however.

Both players began to revive themselves in a race to see who could get back on their feet first. The player’s teammate added exciting commentary such as turkey noises, which added to the hilarious situation. Both players got back on their feet at the same time and settled their predicament with a fist fight.

The player killed their opponent and save their downed teammate who was overly excited to be back in the game. The duo took a second to heal their wounds and figure out their next move and went on to win the match.

Other players in the comments confirmed that the commentary made the situation much better and that sometimes going full turkey is the only option. The situation also teaches the valuable lesson of assuming enemies have a golden knockdown shield and could potentially get the drop on unsuspecting players.